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Perfect Your Photos: Top 3 Desktop Alternatives to Facetune

More and more people edit their photos before posting on social media, and now, it has become an essential part of our lives. Whether improving selfies or perfecting our Instagram feed, we all strive for a flawless look. It's not a secret that Facetune has long been a staple app on many users' smartphones. But what about those who want to improve their pictures on a PC? In this article, we explore alternatives to Facetune for Desktop: PhotoDiva, PhotoWorks, and Photoshop.


PhotoWorks is the ideal option if you need a flexible photo editor with a wide range of functions beyond portrait retouching. This one provides numerous options to improve your images. PhotoWorks contains everything from advanced tools like object removal and backdrop replacement to basic settings like exposure and color correction. Even new users may easily navigate around it thanks to its tutorials and user-friendly user interface.

Powerful Portrait Editor

PhotoWorks is a powerful but easy-to-use portrait editor that works on Windows computers.

AI-Powered Editing

Just like Facetune, PhotoWorks utilizes AI technology to automate and simplify the editing process.

Makeup Application

PhotoWorks allows users to apply digital makeup, similar to Facetune, to enhance their appearance. Users can improve their skin tone, remove blemishes, play with shadow and lipstick colors, and more.

Wide Range of Tools

PhotoWorks is packed with various tools necessary for portrait retouching, making it a worthy alternative to Facetune for desktop editing. Users can reshape faces, correct photos, apply filters, and more.


PhotoWorks is a great alternative to Facetune for MacBook and Windows PCs.

Additional Features

In addition to portrait retouching, PhotoWorks also offers body feature modification, picture distortion correction, and batch photo enhancement.




Face and body reshape feature



Advanced portrait editing tools



Digital makeup



Eye color replacement



Reshaping facial features



Teeth whitening



Effects and filters



Background changing



Works on Windows




With its various capabilities, PhotoDiva is a useful photo editor that may help you make amazing portraits. With just a few clicks, users can create stunning images. The software can be used to change facial features, whiten teeth, and smooth out skin flaws. Furthermore, the software provides sophisticated functionalities including virtual weight reduction, hair color correction, and makeup application. Results that look natural are guaranteed by artificial intelligence-based technologies. Great at editing face shape

PhotoDiva is known for its ability to edit face shape, allowing users to make adjustments and enhancements to their facial features.

Easy and fast to use

PhotoDiva is designed to be user-friendly and offers a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to edit their photos quickly.

Automatic tools for portrait retouching

PhotoDiva provides users with a plethora of automatic tools for easy and enjoyable portrait retouching.

Focus on improving selfies

PhotoDiva is specifically focused on improving selfies, allowing users to perfect and improve any imperfections such as dull colors, blotchy skin, or low lighting.

AI-powered technology

PhotoDiva utilizes AI technology to enhance and retouch portraits, making the editing process more efficient and effective.

Adobe Photoshop

Among the most widely used picture editors is Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop gives you an extensive set of tools and functionality to edit your images professionally. Both novice users and seasoned pros may easily navigate its user-friendly interface and access a wealth of online lessons. For people in search of an efficient editing tool, Photoshop is definitely worth the subscription cost.While both Photoshop and Facetune can be used to retouch and enhance photos, there are a few key differences between the two. Here are a few reasons why Photoshop can be considered a good alternative to Facetune:

Versatility and Advanced Editing

Photoshop offers a vast array of tools and features that allow for precise and detailed editing. It provides more control over various aspects of an image, such as color correction, advanced retouching, compositing, and creating complex graphic designs.

Professional Use

Photoshop is widely used by professionals in the fields of photography, graphic design, and digital art. Its extensive capabilities make it a preferred choice for those who require advanced editing options and high-quality results.

Learning Curve

Photoshop has a steeper learning curve compared to Facetune. It takes time and practice to become proficient in using Photoshop, but once mastered, it offers a wide range of creative possibilities.

Desktop Application

Unlike Facetune, which is a mobile app, Photoshop is a desktop application available for both Windows and macOS. This allows for more powerful processing capabilities and a larger workspace for editing.


PhotoWorks, PhotoDiva, and Photoshop are three top-notch options that can be great alternatives to Facetune. Whether you want to create flawless portraits or learn new editing techniques, these programs can help you achieve exceptional results. But unlike Facetune, using these photo editors you will be able to enhance more than just portraits.

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