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4 Unique Ways Your Business Can Get Involved in Your Community This Summer

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If you think about it, summer is the perfect season for businesses to step out and make meaningful connections within the community. The warm weather and festive spirit create endless opportunities for businesses to engage, give back, and be recognized.

Plus, depending on exactly what you’ll be doing, you might even be able to do this all on a shoestring budget (generally speaking, community involvement can be free). So, with that all said, here are some unique and exciting ways your business can get involved in your community this summer, all while having a blast!

Host a Local Festival Booth

So, you have to keep in mind that summer festivals are a staple in many communities, especially larger ones. They’re offering a fantastic platform for your business to shine. Plus, these festivals usually try to do what they can to get businesses involved, too. So, you could look into setting up a booth at a local festival since this actually allows you to interact directly with potential customers, showcase your products or services, and contribute to the festive atmosphere. Ideally, before this event, let alone any event where you can have a booth, you might want to look into some custom printing services; this could involve getting a banner, handing out some stickers, or even maybe printing out some old-fashioned coupons to give out, too (ideal if you run a restaurant, cafe, or brick-and-mortar).

Sponsor a Local Sports Team

This usually starts in the spring, but local ball games and sports events draw crowds of all ages, providing a vibrant setting to promote your business. So, sponsoring a local team not only supports youth sports but also gets your business name and logo featured on uniforms, banners, and event programs. This kind of visibility can significantly boost your brand recognition. Plus, you can engage with the community by organizing fun activities during halftime or providing refreshments.

Organize Kids' Activities at the Local Library

Well, it doesn’t actually have to be at the local library or any community center. But for the most part, local libraries often host summer reading programs and activities for children. So, partnering with your library to sponsor or organize these events can be a wonderful way to connect with families in your area.

You could even consider hosting a creative arts and crafts session where kids can design their own bookmarks or posters. So, you don’t exactly need to be a kid-orient business because the goal is to get your business under the parents’ radar.

Host a Community BBQ or Picnic

So this one might be expensive, but a lot of newer businesses do this if they have a prominent location. So anyway, nothing says summer like a good old-fashioned BBQ or picnic. So, hosting a community BBQ can be a great way to bring people together and promote your business in a relaxed and friendly environment.

You can set up a booth where attendees can get custom-printed souvenirs, such as T-shirts, tote bags, or drink koozies. But why offer these? Well, this keeps your brand in people's minds long after the picnic is over.

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