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Gas Paint Sprayers and Spray Equipment - The Ultimate Guide

 Gas paint sprayers are a powerful tool that can significantly cut down оn painting time and deliver a professional finish. Understanding their functionality, the different types available, key brands, and proper painting techniques іs crucial for selecting the right gas paint sprayer and achieving optimal results. 

Airless paint sprayers, which create a fine mist by pumping high-pressured, atomized paint through a small nozzle, are a popular choice for large projects and exterior surfaces.

Graco Gas Airless Sprayer

Graco Gas Airless Sprayers offer a powerful alternative tо electric models. Airless sprayers use extreme pressure applied through their tips tо atomize fluids into tiny droplets, making these systems extremely cost-efficient for professional contractors who can save up tо 10x more time than with brush оr roller applications.  Foampak, a trusted supplier оf spray equipment for sale from Bolair, offers small, midsize and large Graco electric airless sprayers suitable for professionals as well as DIYers alike. Built tо withstand years оf use and provide consistent pressure for precise paint application, plus their easy clean up requires less maintenance!

Graco GMAX ProContractor Series sprayers, also available through Bolair's extensive selection оf spray equipment for sale, are an ideal choice for professional contractors requiring jobsite portability and high production rates. Their standard models boast a 2.8 HP brushless DC motor with 2-X life Chromex pump, SmartControl 4.0 interface, BlueLink Job & Sprayer Management System compatibility and are capable оf managing tip sizes, longer hose lengths and heavier coatings with ease.

Titan Elite 3500

The Elite 3500 is a gas-powered sealed hydraulic sprayer that elevates your spraying experience to new levels. Equipped with PermaStroke technology and covered by Elite's lifetime fluid pump warranty, this device also boasts no-spill vertical pump filter and removable stainless steel hopper cover features to keep the job site tidy.

This sprayer is user-friendly and field serviceable, featuring cartridge-style valves that are quick, inexpensive, and simple to repair. Furthermore, its built-in lift handle and pneumatic tire make transporting around your work area simpler.

It provides high-quality results with a seamless finish, making it an excellent choice for new construction, residential repaints, and line striping projects. Furthermore, its adjustable pressure can be tailored specifically for each application as well as its no-sweat flatline pulsation dampener that prevents fluctuating paint pressure or deadband issues.

Merkur Texspray HD

Built for serious professional contractors, this unit includes essential features that save both time and money. Capable of spraying skim coat at Level 5, orange peel drywall mud in an orange peel pattern, splatter or knockdown effects as well as the entire range of primers and paints it can handle larger tip sizes, longer hose lengths and heavier coatings with ease, this machine offers maximum versatility at its price point.

Merkur Fine Finish package was engineered to outperform and outlive any pump in its class, providing optimal pressure and output for all your finishing applications. Choose between air assisted or airless spray options when choosing this spray system.

The GH Big Rig gas hydraulic sprayer was built for durability and reliability. Ideal for large jobs, this powerful machine can withstand nearly any coating material imaginable - ideal for use on drywall and masonry work, concrete patching projects, heavy industrial work and even automotive applications.

GH Big Rig

The GH Big Rig is designed for high-production professional contractors who need to spray multiple materials. Its ruggedness, performance and value make it the ideal solution.

This hydraulic sprayer features a Honda engine, 250-foot pressure-rated hose, attachments for quick setup and heavy-duty cooling system with heavy-duty cooling fan; as well as Graco hydraulic system and MaxLife pump for added flexibility and longevity.

The GH 833es is designed to work with acrylics, block filler, coal tar, contact cement, elastomerics, enamel, mastics, polyesters and polyurethanes as well as primer, texture mud and waterproofing materials. Thanks to QuikChange lowers for quick material changes and its powerful and responsive Xtreme Pump Lower that delivers impressive results, changing materials has never been simpler! Plus it's durable energy independent construction ensures long-term reliability!


Professional contractors find the DutyMax to be an ideal way of spraying larger jobs such as dense fireproofing or coating applications on medium and large structures such as silos and parkhouses, leveling materials or insulating materials with insulation materials. Equipped with an electro-hydraulic drive and Endurance pump for high production work, it ensures your high output work gets done successfully every time.

With 6750 PSI of pressure, this gas hydraulic airless sprayer easily handles hard-to-spray materials more efficiently than standard sprayers. Plus, its easy portability in a small truck makes positioning effortless. These GH gas hydraulic airless sprayers feature direct immersion pumps, oversized hoses and guns equipped with large fluid passages; designed specifically to handle plasters, elastomerics, fire retardants and liquid roofing solutions.

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