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Laminate Flooring 101: Where It Excels and How to Choose the Right One

 Laminate flooring, a pocket-friendly option, has revolutionized the industry with its affordability, durability, and aesthetic versatility. Whether you're renovating your home or exploring options for new construction, understanding where laminate flooring excels can help you make informed decisions. Here’s a comprehensive guide on which rooms are best suited for laminate flooring.

Understanding Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring, a cost-effective alternative to hardwood, stone, or tile floors, is a synthetic marvel designed to imitate the aesthetics of traditional materials. The key element of laminate flooring lies in its construction, with layers of high-density fiberboard (HDF) forming the core, complemented by a detailed photographic layer that convincingly mirrors the appearance of natural surfaces. This combination is then topped with a protective wear layer, enhancing its resilience and making it suitable for high-traffic areas in residential or commercial spaces. To revamp your home, visit reputable Calgary flooring stores to explore the range of durable laminate flooring options available.

Best Rooms for Laminate Flooring


When it comes to high-traffic areas, laminate flooring is a clear winner. Its durability and scratch-resistant surface make it an ideal choice for living rooms and bedrooms. In kitchens, its water-resistant properties make cleaning a breeze, while its low maintenance and durability make it a practical option for dining areas, hallways, and home offices.


Living Areas and Bedrooms


Laminate flooring is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas like living rooms and bedrooms due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. The scratch-resistant surface of laminate flooring can handle the wear and tear of daily activities, such as moving furniture, children playing, and pets running around. This type of flooring comes in a wide array of styles, patterns, and colours available at Calgary flooring stores, offering exciting design possibilities that can complement any interior decor. Whether you prefer a modern look with sleek, clean lines or a more traditional feel with wood-like finishes, laminate flooring provides the versatility to match your design preferences.



Laminate flooring with water-resistant properties is particularly advantageous in the kitchen, where spills, splashes, and stains are common occurrences. Modern advancements in laminate flooring technology have led to options that provide enhanced protection against moisture, ensuring that your kitchen floor remains in top condition despite the demands of cooking and dining activities. These water-resistant laminate floors are easy to clean, making it simple to wipe away spills and stains without compromising on style. With various designs that mimic the look of hardwood, stone, or tile, you can achieve a stylish kitchen aesthetic that is both functional and beautiful.

Dining Areas


Laminate flooring is a great choice for dining areas due to its easy maintenance and exceptional durability. This flooring option provides a beautiful and sophisticated backdrop for dining furniture, creating an inviting atmosphere for meals and gatherings. Laminate flooring's resilience against spills and heavy foot traffic ensures it remains pristine even after frequent use. Its ease of cleaning makes it simple to maintain a spotless appearance, allowing you to enjoy your dining space without worrying about damage from food and drink spills.




Hallways experience some of the highest levels of foot traffic in a home, making it essential to have flooring that can withstand constant use. Laminate flooring is an excellent choice for these areas due to its robust construction and easy maintenance. The durability of laminate ensures that it can handle the continuous movement of people and pets without showing signs of wear. Additionally, the low-maintenance nature of laminate flooring makes it easy to keep hallways clean and free of dirt and debris, ensuring these transitional spaces remain attractive and functional.

Home Offices


In-home offices or study areas, laminate flooring offers a professional and polished look without the high cost of traditional hardwood flooring. This flooring provides a stable and comfortable surface for rolling chairs, desks, and other office furniture, ensuring a smooth and productive work environment. The wide range of styles available allows you to create a home office that reflects your taste while maintaining a professional ambiance. Laminate flooring's durability ensures that it can handle the demands of daily office use, including the movement of office equipment and foot traffic, without showing signs of wear.

Tips for Choosing the Right Thickness and Color


Choosing the right laminate flooring involves considering two key factors: thickness and colour. Aim for a thickness between 8mm and 12mm for optimal sound insulation, durability, and stability. Regarding colour, lighter shades can brighten and enlarge a space, while darker hues add warmth and sophistication. Always ensure your choice complements your existing decor and furniture.




When selecting laminate flooring, consider the thickness options, which typically range from 6mm to 15mm. Thicker laminate offers better sound insulation, durability, and resistance to bending over uneven subfloors. For most residential applications, 8mm to 12mm thickness is recommended. Thicker laminate also feels more substantial underfoot and can provide a more stable feel.




The colour of laminate flooring sets the tone for your space and influences the overall aesthetic. Lighter shades like oak or maple can make rooms appear larger and brighter, while darker hues like walnut or cherry add warmth and sophistication. Consider your decor and furniture when choosing laminate colours to ensure harmony and visual appeal.


For modern interiors, neutral tones like greys and beiges are versatile choices that complement a wide range of styles and furnishings. Bold or dramatic colours can be used as statement pieces in contemporary or eclectic spaces, adding personality and flair to your home.

Uncover a Comprehensive Selection of Laminate Flooring at Calgary Flooring Stores


Find the perfect laminate flooring for your home with our wide selection at various flooring stores in Alberta. Choose from water-resistant options like Lifeproof®, which has a high-density foam core and wax-treated edges to withstand moisture, to stylish wood-inspired designs such as Smooth Hickory Sentinel for a timeless look. Explore durable options like Sculpted Maple Nova, perfect for high-traffic areas, or opt for luxury with Smooth Black Walnut Natural Pearl in your living room. Each option offers durability, easy maintenance, and a variety of finishes to complement any room in your home.


Discover the Perfect Laminate Flooring for Your Home


Enhance your home with laminate flooring that combines durability, style, and easy maintenance, whether you're renovating your living room with the sleek design of Smooth Hickory Sentinel or upgrading your kitchen with water-resistant options like Lifeproof® for added protection against spills. Discover the versatility of laminate flooring, perfect for high-traffic areas like hallways and dining rooms, ensuring your floors stay beautiful for years to come. With its wide range of styles, patterns, and colours available at Calgary flooring stores, laminate flooring is perfect for homeowners looking to update their living spaces without breaking the bank.

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