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Involved in a Truck Accident? Take These 4 Steps Immediately

 Any sort of collision can be a traumatic experience, but because of the size and stature of a truck, an accident with such a large vehicle can prove to be even more damaging and dangerous.


It can be difficult to keep a clear head in the immediate aftermath of a truck accident but the steps you take almost as soon as the collision has taken place can have a critical bearing on your ability to get the justice and compensation you may be entitled to.


Talking to a  truck accident lawyer is one of those important first steps. They can assess the situation and guide you through every aspect of the claims process. Here is a look at the most immediate steps you should take shortly after being involved in a truck accident.


Check the status of everyone involved and call for help


The first thing to do after an accident is to check how everyone involved is. Confirm that everyone is okay and perform a quick assessment of the seriousness of any injuries so that you can inform the emergency services when you dial 911.


Getting help from all of the appropriate services, such as firefighters and police, will not only ensure that the situation is dealt with correctly and any injuries are dealt with speedily, but it will also help create a document trail that could be crucial when making a claim.


Try to gather your own supporting evidence and information


As long as it is safe to do so, it is a good idea to document the scene and take some pictures to confirm your version of events.


As well as taking photos you also need to get the name and address details of anyone involved and any witnesses to the accident. Be sure to obtain the insurance and license details of all the drivers involved in the collision.


If the truck driver was driving a company vehicle, make a note of the business name and contact details too.


Get in touch with a lawyer


Your top priority should be to leave the scene safely and get the medical treatment you need without delay.


Once you are safe and ready to start thinking about making a claim you should then get in touch with a truck accident lawyer as quickly as possible. It is best to seek out a lawyer with specific knowledge of motor accident law as they will be able to pinpoint how to make a successful claim for damages and compensation.


Get professional help negotiating a settlement


It is important to have a lawyer working on your behalf as you could make the mistake of accepting an unfair settlement without their guidance.


Insurance companies can often use tactics to persuade you to sign a settlement within a matter of days of the accident. While it might be tempting to be offered a cash sum at this point, it is almost certainly going to be a lesser amount than you may get by using a lawyer to represent you.


A lawyer will also know how to prove negligence and identify any circumstances of the accident that could prove your entitlement to compensation.


If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a truck accident make sure you follow these important steps to get your life back on track and receive the settlement you may be entitled to.

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