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Tablescape Thursday

Bob and I love pasta! Even though I have my kitchen decorated with French chefs, our hearts are really in Tuscany! This is a photo of the eat-in part of the kitchen. The placemats are from Walmart, their Better Homes and Gardens line. The wine decanters are actually from Italy, when Bob went there in high school. I love the wrought iron. Eventually, I would love to do a treatment on the walls that looks like old exposed brick and plaster. Any other ideas?

My kitchen has wallpaper with French chefs on it....I think I should remove it, and put up beadboard under the cabinets. What do you think?

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  1. Hmmm...beadboard...that is something I had not considered for a kitchen. I think I like it.

  2. I love the idea of beadboard. I'd like to have some in the entry area of the condo.

    I love those placemats!

  3. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Oh beadboard would be wonderful. I love it. I also love those placemats you got so pretty.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  4. Terri, have you ever considered a light stucco look? I adore this.

    I love Tuscan decorating tooooooo!

    All my emails to you are being returned...we are having computer problems. Will get back with you after the weekend and everything is solved, hopefully. Happy Easter, sweet thing!


  5. Oh Oh Oh Oh, my goodness, I've always wanted exposed brick in my kitchen. How awesome that would be!!!!!!!!!!!! Beadboard YESSSS, do this!!! I haven't seen a kitchen picture yet that used beadboard that didn't look wonderful!!

  6. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Our neighbor has beadboard in the kitchen and it is truly beautiful. Happy Easter Terri.

  7. Give that poor dog a hair cut.

  8. Tuscan style is so pretty but I don't think of beadboard when I think of Tuscan. Home Depot sells a product called Venetian Plaster and it's already tinted and very easy to apply. I did a small bathroom with that. That would look nice in a Tuscan kitchen.


  9. Sounds as if you're saying that you're over the French chefs. I think all things Tuscany would be very nice and in keeping with your current focus. I remember reading one of Jan Karon's books where Cynthia, Father Tim's wife goes to town on his kitchen exposing brick and making it look like peeling plaster.

  10. Hi Terri,
    I really really love your dining room. I love that hutch and the chandelier is just awesome! Happy Easter, Cindy

  11. I think you should incorporate mom's scary head statue somewhere in your new kitchen;)


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