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St. Louis Weekend-The Finale! Favorite Photo Friday

I took this photo during the marathon. It is my Favorite Photo Friday entry. I love how it tells what the weather was doing that Sunday!

After our divine meal at Niche, we headed out to a piano bar. It was crowded with bachlorette parties and so after awhile, we headed back to the hotel. It was slightly raining and the cobblestones were slick.

The next morning we woke to a steady pouring of rain, which was unfortunate, as we were to watch several of Bob's teachers run in the St. Louis Marathon. Four of his staff ran the half marathon and one ran the full marathon. The marathon runner ran in under four hours, thus qualifying him for the Boston Marathon next year!

We saw all four of his staff cross the finish line of the half marathon. Thirteen miles! All in a steady downpour of rain. What dedication!

We left then and went to a St. Louis favorite, Blueberry Hill, for lunch. We had great burgers and the place is decorated with all kinds of memorabilia from the 50s and 60s. A Missouri Star Walk is right outside the restaurant.

After a quick trip to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, we called it a weekend and headed home! What a great time for the two of us!

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  1. What a beautiful shot of STL in fog! Gorgeous.

    Terri, I discovered, this morning, Schaefer House has a blog! Did you know? I added it to my sidebar.


    I left a comment, in which I misspelled the name...you would think I could get it right after the many times I've been there!!! Anyhoo...it's a nifty blog.

  2. Great looking photos Terri. The food is making me hungry. Ha.

    Thanks for sharing your special weekend with us.


  3. Hi there! You and I share something in common ... loving Blueberry Hill! My sister doesn't live far from the Loop ... I love browsing the shops. I found my Arch artwork there several years ago.

    Enjoy your weekend ... and thank you so much for the STL photos.

  4. Now I think you and Bob have to plan to come watch his teachers run Boston next year. I'll admit it is a selfish request...b/c then I get to see you both again!!! :-)

  5. My niece finally watched the Boston Marathon after living in Boston for seven years. I'll have her look for your guy next year ;>...no small achievement that. You and Bob are very supportive of your staff. It must be most appreciated.

    That meal looked yummy. When do you get to do something fun like this all over again?

  6. Beautiful photo! My husband runs marathons and sometimes he actually likes running in the rain. He stays more comfortable. Of course if it's a downpour that's another story. Sounds like you had a really good time!


  7. A 60 year old coworker of mine ran the same marathon. She had a blast. She did half I believe. I told her to get pics so I could add her to my blog. I've heard about Blueberry Hill, it sounds like a cute place.

  8. Oooooo that looks like fun! Me, I only run when chased!;D

  9. I had a friend who once ran a marathon. She said her shoes smelled like pee afterwards... she used the port-o-potties, but many didn't.

    You should send mom an invite to your blog. She has a new address: rwmdbm48@mchsi.com.

    Going to check out the Schaeffer House blog...

  10. Well, gee, been sitting here for a little while trying to catch up on your blog. I wish I could still link it to mine. But, love your purse. It looks like your style. Your pictures of St. Louis are beautiful. I think I'll have to go. Gosh, your food photos slay me. Back on all my dietary restrictions makes me crazy sometimes - especially when I look at all this yummy stuff. So was Bob running in this Marathon? Are you a runner? Love the close up of Ashleys bouquet. It was gorgeous. I remember looking at her wedding pictures and everything was just stunning. Have a great night, Terri.

  11. Oh how I miss STL!! I think we need to go back aganin soon...
    The burgers at Blueberry Hill were great!

    Sue who thinks your misty arch photo is wonderful!


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