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The Important Book

Have you read The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown? It is one of my all time favorite children's books. Barb at Bella Vista wasn't feeling well yesterday so I wrote this page using the style of Ms. Brown.

The important thing about colds is that they go away.

It's true you can drink hot cinnamon tea,
And munch on biscuits with honey and jam
You get a fuzzy feeling in your head
That your day can come to a complete stop....

But the important thing about colds is that they go away.

Feel better soon, Barb!

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  1. Nope never read it. Good Night Moon many times!


  2. Is that the one that was found after the author had died? I've heard of it, but now I want to find it. Sounds as if it would be a great book to respond to for any of a number of occasions.

  3. Cute post...sending more get well wishes to Barb!

  4. No, but Goodnight Moon is a staple in our house!

    Love the way you wrote in her style!

  5. Terri, you are such a sweet and dear friend. Thank you. I think I will live...feeling a bit better today.

    Also loved my Easter postcard. Thank you, dear heart!

    Hugs, barb

  6. I'm not believing you right now. Going on day 9 of mine... no end appears to be in sight.


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