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Welcome Easter!

Easter Weekend was a blast for our family. First we went to Marceline and bought parts for my car to be fixed. My darling nephew Chris replaced my whole air conditioner for less than half of what Honda wanted. We bought mom a new flat screened TV and got it installed for her. We went to Wein on Saturday night and visited with my brother and sister in law and my niece and her baby and her husband. The baby was the highlight of the evening, along with Irene's delicious Easter dinner of ham, mashed potatoes, fresh corn and homemade gravy.

He looks like a serious child but he is bubbly and bright natured. He is also only 10 months old in this photo!

Today we went to mass with Bob's family. Ashley and Eric looked adorable.

We went back to Marceline to have lunch with mom and my nephews and my sister. The kids came over and opened their Easter baskets! As always, they were totally gracious and thanked everyone. They are the sweetest kids!

We had a simple lunch of salad, Pizza Hut Chicken Alfredo, Easter cake and breadsticks. That way we got to spend more time visiting with family!

We played the music version of Catch Phrase and had a blast! It was so fun to see everyone silly. Tammi got a new camera and so we went out a played a bit with it. Here is one of my shots... Tammi's will come later!

Hope your Easter was fun, too!

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