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Tablescape Thursday-Anniversary Dinner

Once again Chef Bob created another fantastic meal for the four of us to celebrate Ashley and Eric's first anniversary. While Bob was in charge of the meal, I was in charge of the table setting. I decided to focus on using their wedding colors, ivory and black, and using some of the souvenirs we had left over from the wedding.

The table is covered with a crocheted table cloth that was used on the cake table. Bob's mom Irene made the tablecloth for Ashley. She made one for each of the grandkids. It is a treasure they all love.

The plates are our basic white with accents of black. Bob served three wines with the meal, two white and one red. Two of the wines were from Little Black Dress, the wine served at the wedding.

The small crystal cups, which are actually not on the table, held baby shrimp cocktail one of my all time favorite dishes, and Ashley's too. Once on vacation in Florida, all Ashley ordered for dinner was shrimp cocktail. What a hoot.

Bob also made clam chowder, our favorite Italian salad with shaved parmesan, and filet mignon. He made oven fries from sweet potatoes and six cheese mac and cheese. Needless to say, we were all stuffed.

Ashley and Eric cut a small chocolate cake with the wedding topper they used on top. This was the same topper Bob and I used on our cake nearly 32 years ago!

I hope you enjoyed our celebration of Ashley and Eric's anniversary. It was a wonderful occasion!

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