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Movie Monday

This weekend I finally saw the movie The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Edward Ford. I ordered it from Netflix several weeks ago but just got around to watching it. Thus making my Netflix not a bargain any more... but I digress... I was interested in seeing this film because Brad Pitt is Jesse James, the producer and a Missouri boy. I wanted to see his take on this infamous character. I anxiously scanned the credits and found that not one scene was filmed in Missouri. What were you thinking, Mr. Pitt??

There were several things I loved: the melancholy music and the artsy cinematography... the way Jesse always sat at the head of ANY table he was dining at... the protrayal of Jesse as a slightly mad man. James Carville as the Governor of Missouri was another highlight... I thought he was GOOD!

The movie is slow paced, methodical and at times, stressful. Overall, a great film for a rainy weekend!

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  1. Hi Terri, I enjoyed your review and I will tell Ron about it.

    Unless the movie is beautiful and funny....it doesn't work for me. Ha. (yes, I am hopeless)


  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Thanks for the review. I bet my husband would love this movie. Hope you have a great week Terri.

  3. I have not yet seen the film either...
    I often wonder why the directors, writers etc are not compelled to go to the TRUE locale? I daresay it all has to do with money...kind of sad really!

    Thanks for the review Terri :)

  4. hmmm, the least he could have done was film it near his hometown huh? I went thru his home in Kearn years ago. They've preserved the bullet holes. And, I have to wonder if Jesse was as hot as Brad. Probably in some naughty boy sort of way. I really liked this movie and I don't always like Brad Pitt movies, but my favorite character was probably Ben Affleck's litte brother. Casey? I think that's him. He was a nervous nelly.

  5. What a fun, fun time you guys had in St. Louis! It's so nice to have a getaway like that once in awhile! I loved that room you stayed in--look forward to seeing your interpretation of the bedding. I haven't seen this Brad Pitt movie either--your review makes me want to put that on my list. We did recently see State of Play (kinda confusing at times, but I still liked it). I'm hoping to see The Soloist soon.

    Are you on the Countdown Stretch?


  6. Terri,
    So glad you stopped by. The movie sounds interesting, may have to rent it. Thanks for your nice comments. Cindy

  7. I really enjoyed the movie...Or maybe I just enjoyed looking at Brad Pitt!

  8. Oooh. I'm going to have to rent this over summer break. What's it rated? Do you think Griff would be able to watch?

  9. I have never heard of it. I will have to check it out. I love history! Have a great week.

  10. This has to be a re-make because my dad has spoken about The Assasination of Jesse James. Just his telling of it was compelling enough for me. I'm not such a big fan of melancholy even if Brad Pitt is the star. Yes, don't you hate it when a movie is not filmed on location? I was appalled that "Charlotte's Web" was filmed in Australia. =D

  11. I wondered how the movie would be. James Carville as the Governor of Missouri is inspired!!

    Much of that area in JJ country is still rural and would have been wonderful for the film. And it would have brought revenue to our fair state!

  12. Sounds interesting... I once read an interview with Brad Pitt, and he didn't seem overly proud of his Missouri heritage. In fact, the article said a teacher at MU approached him to write a final paper in English class. She offered him an opportunity to write a paper about his life experience, and somehow that would get him his credit and let him have a degree from MU... I think he refused saying he didn't need the degree... Although I think he's a cutie patootie and very good at acting, as a teacher, I had to kinda back down a little from being a fan! haha.. Thanks for the invite. I'd been missing your blog and all the fun things you do... That chef lala evening sounded like a blast! Only eight more school days, but who's counting? haha..


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