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Movie Monday

This weekend I finally saw the movie The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Edward Ford. I ordered it from Netflix several weeks ago but just got around to watching it. Thus making my Netflix not a bargain any more... but I digress... I was interested in seeing this film because Brad Pitt is Jesse James, the producer and a Missouri boy. I wanted to see his take on this infamous character. I anxiously scanned the credits and found that not one scene was filmed in Missouri. What were you thinking, Mr. Pitt??

There were several things I loved: the melancholy music and the artsy cinematography... the way Jesse always sat at the head of ANY table he was dining at... the protrayal of Jesse as a slightly mad man. James Carville as the Governor of Missouri was another highlight... I thought he was GOOD!

The movie is slow paced, methodical and at times, stressful. Overall, a great film for a rainy weekend!

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