St. Louis Weekend-Niche pt. 4

After the tour we checked into our hotel. We tried the Priceline to reserve the room and got a 3.5 star hotel (the Omni Majestic) for $55! The room was lovely and I want to try to duplicate this bedding style in our master bedroom!

After resting up and getting changed, Bob and I went to dinner at a little restaurant called Niche. It is one of St. Louis' hottest restaurants. Bob has been before and so has Ashley and Eric. They all loved it and I can see why! We decided to get the Chef's Tasting menu and it was fabulous.

We started with Escolar Crudo which was grated parsnips, persimmon and puffed rice with diced fish cooked in lime. It was served with micro greens and was a fabulous starter. We then had Gnudi, which was like an inside out cheese ravioli with a lemon butter sauce. Next was Bacon 2 Ways, which was pork belly cooked until it could melt in the mouth, served with pureed parsnips and bacon ice cream. Yes, bacon ice cream. The next course was Duck Duo, which was duck breast sliced and a duck pot pie which was my favorite of all the courses. For dessert we had salted milk chocolate p udding with chocolate sandwich cookies and malted candy brittle. SOOOO delicious. The menu came with wine pairings that perfectly complimented each course. It has been added to our list of favorite meals!
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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