Bohemian Trading Post

While we were in Marceline, Ashley and I did a bit of antiquing. Ashley was looking for an architectural piece to do in her living room. I was just looking. Ashley contemplated some windows, a shutter, a chair and a gate but nothing was just right. We passed this tiny antique shop and not only found her piece but I found things I didn't even know I wanted! I love the name of this shop: Bohemian Trading Post!

First I found this Campbell's soup can bank. It will look so cute in my kitchen, maybe on my window sill where I can see it every day.

Then I found this adorable yellow jelly bowl and matching spoon. I paid $1 for it and I thought of a million things I could do with it.

I found these cookie cutters for 50 cents each. I have always wanted to put my cookie cutters in this glass jar my Aunt Patsy gave me years ago. I didn't have enough but with these little ones, I should be able to fill it up.

So this was our little adventure in Marceline!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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