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Around the Garden Monday

Here in mid Missouri we have had some lovely rain and not-so-lovely storms but all that water has meant we have had green plants and grass.  We are mowing twice weekly and weeding like crazy.

Our herbs and lettuces have really taken off.  I am eating greens in my smoothies and salads for lunch and I am not keeping up.  I planted a lot of greens this year since I can process several ounces of greens for the two breakfast smoothies I make each day.  Between the smoothies and the salads, I thought I had planted enough.  I had, but I also planted more than enough.

The knock-out roses have bloomed.  I love my knock-out roses as they will bloom all summer long.  I dead head them although you don't have to do so.  I think they look better and I think that the plant seems to bloom more often without the dead flowers on them.  Our catmint is huge and going strong.

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