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Baby Ruth Martini inspired by The Goonies #FoodnFlix

Do you have a craving for a candy bar martini or a chocolate martini?  Try this Baby Ruth Martini inspired by The Goonies movie!

Pam at Sidewalk Shoes participated in this great event called Food 'n' Flix where you watch a movie then use it to inspire you to create a food.  Those who know me well know that two of my passions are movies and food, so what a wonderful group to join!

This month the movie was The Goonies.  I have a confession to make: I never saw the movie.  In 1985 I was busy having a baby and my mind was occupied elsewhere.  I know it is a cult fan movie and I always meant to watch it... so this was a good opportunity to get 'er done.

So I sat down in front of my computer and rented the movie from Amazon.  I can see why it was a huge hit in 1985.  Christopher Columbus and Steven Spielberg combination??  Instant winner!  Then add in cute kids, villians, parents in absentia...all the great ideas in one movie!  The Goonies was one of the top ten movies for 1985, grossing over $61 million.

The scene that inspired me was this one:

[Chunk and Sloth are chained up together]
Chunk: Hey, mister? Are you hungry? I got a Baby Ruth.
Sloth: Ruth! Ruth! Baby! Ruth!
Chunk: Here you go.
[Chunk tosses the candy bar to Sloth and it hits him in the head. Both scream]
Chunk: I'm sorry, mister! I'm sorry!
[Sloth rips his chains out of the wall and goes to pick up the candy bar. Then, he realizes he's free]
Chunk: Gee, mister. You're even hungrier than I am.

Loved the scene where the big bad monster only wants a candy bar and a friend!  My inspiration comes in the form of a cocktail, a Baby Ruth martini!

baby ruth martini chocolate martini

Baby Ruth Martini
by Terri Steffes
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Ingredients (1 martini)

baby ruth martini chocolate martini
  • 2 oz Godiva Chocolate Martini mi
  • 2 oz whipped vodka
  • 2 oz French vanilla coffee creamer
  • 1 T PB2
  • 1 T caramel ice cream syrup
  • 1 mini Baby Ruth candy bar, for garnish
Fill cocktail shaker with ice.
In a separate bowl, mix together cream, syrup, vodka, caramel and PB 2. Blend well.
Pour mixture over ice and shake well.
Warm candy bar slightly in the palm of your hand.
Pour in cocktail.
Cut a slit on the bottom of the candy bar, mold onto the rim of the glass.
Serve and enjoy!
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Hanging out with Pam at Tipsy Tuesday and Kristin at Thursty Thursday!

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