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Too Cute Thursday

We received free treats from Chewy.com in exchange for our honest feedback about their products.

Truman and Wilson love their treats.  They are picky about them, though, and like a certain texture and flavor profile, mostly fruity with a biscuit type of appearance.  I have given them treats made from a local pet store which they really seemed to love, but the treats contained a lot of moisture and would go bad after a few days.  That meant that I was out from time to time and that means unhappy dogs.

I was eager to give the Nature's Variety Prairie Treats a try, because they are a natural product made here in the United States, actually here in St. Louis, with manufacturing in Lincoln, Nebraska. These bite sized biscuits seemed to be a good start, and when I read the flavor profile was pumpkin and cranberry, I knew I had a winner.

I opened the package when they arrive and I was pleasantly surprised to smell a fresh pumpkin scent.  I often get a "dog food" smell that makes me wrinkle my nose.  Not this time.  I took a couple of them out and held them in my hand.  As usual, Wilson, my never fully-full Westie, came over and sniffed my hand.  He pawed at it and when I opened my hand he sniffed at it and looked at it.  I placed it on the outdoor table and he took it off the table and ate it.  He looked to see if there was another one, and there was, and he took it again. He ate it much slower than usual and when this one was gone, he walked away.

Truman tried his next and as he is much pickier, he picked it up and moved it to another area.  Wilson followed but he got a growl from Truman, which is actually a good sign that Truman wants to eat it.  After several minutes, Truman's was gone, too.

The next day I asked the dogs if they wanted a treat and as usual, Wilson was there jumping excitedly waiting for the treat but the surprise was, there was Truman, waiting, too.  I gave them both one and both went to their separate areas to enjoy their treats.  Truman ate his quickly, which was a good sign that he was enjoying the treat.

In the several days that have passed, the two dogs have been very eager to have their daily biscuit.  Truman comes running and I have been noticing that he is eating more at his regular meal. 

I would give this treat a 5 out of 5 stars for the packaging, smell, and obvious pleasure that my dogs have eating this treat.  I did notice that the treats have rosemary extract, which I have heard could be bad for dogs with epilepsy. 

Seeing how excited Tru and Wilson were for the treats, I am eager to try these other flavors: Chicken & Cheddar Cheese, Bacon & Apples,and Peanut Butter & Bananas. I think they would love the peanut butter and banana ones.
Thank you Chewy.com for the bag of delicious treats.

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