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Tenacious Eats

For Mother's Day my husband took me to the latest Tenacious Eats production.  Tenacious Eats is a combination of two art forms: movies and food.  Chef Liz Schuster is the creator of this fun dining experience and we just keep going back for more.  It's movies for foodies!

The menus are creative, clever and spectacularly executed.  Food comes out fresh, hot, and served with its own cocktail pairing. 

Each course is created to emphasize a particular scene in the movie.  The first course mimics the bridge day with cucumber toasts, deviled eggs and ambrosia fruit salad.

The cocktail served with this first group was made with orange juice, lemonade triple sec and prosecco. It was delicious with the fruit, egg and toast.   The second course was based from the Uncomfortable Feeling scene, and we were served ham with a four bean salad.


The cocktail was a gin drink made with lemon juice, bitters and basil.  Refreshing and delicious.  The third course was based on Miss Hilly is a Christian woman, ahem scene... and was a shired egg wrapped with bacon served with brioche toast and apple butter.  The shired egg was a treat by itself and the bacon was smoky and salty.  The sweet apple butter was a nice touch with the bacon and egg.  The fourth course was Mini don't burn Chicken... buttermilk fried chicken with a potato cake and a collard green rosette.  This was delicious and served with a coca cola sauce. 
The fifth and final course was two desserts, a special for Mother's Day.  The first was for Two Slice Hilly, the famous pie, and second, a key lime pie topped with browned meringue and a lavender sugar cookie.  Both were divine, creamy bases, tart but not too tart on the key lime.  The cocktail was a classic chocolate martini, made with vanilla vodka, dark chocolate cream de cacao and Godiva chocolate liqueur.
As usual, we had a wonderful time and felt that this was one of the best interpretations of a movie that we had seen.  We are definitely looking forward to our next event.
Hanging out with Pam at Tipsy Tuesday and Kristin at Thursty Thursday!

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