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Weekend Happenings

New Town is hosting the Ribfest this weekend and since the main festivities are only about three or four blocks away, we will be spending a lot of time there.  Our daughter and her husband, and my husband's brother and his wife, are all coming down to attend Ribfest with us!

Ribfest is sponsored, in part, by Budweiser.  Beer is important to Ribfest.  As is ribs.  Lots of ribs.  A play area for kids is being set up by the fountains and lots of vendors are setting up in the amphitheater.  I am excited for those kids!  Cabela's is also doing a catch and release fishing tournament in the big lake.  I know the kids will love that!  I will love seeing them fish!

There is a lot of music during Ribfest and Mariah Broeker and the Boulevard Blues Band is performing Saturday at 12:45.  It is going to be an awesome thing!  I am so glad that Ashley and Eric will be able to see Bob perform!  They also play from 7-midnight on Sunday at the Wine Bar. 

So that's all we are doing.  Eating ribs, people watching, listening to fabulous music, hanging out.

Oh, and on Monday will be the Sixth Annual Steffes/Hasty Memorial Day Cook Off.  I cannot wait to show you my burger and the winner of the cook off!  Stay tuned for great burger recipes coming your way for summer barbeques!

Happy Memorial Day!

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