Happy Mothers' Day!

I want to wish my momma a Happy Mother's Day!  My sister and I were lucky to be her daughters, although she will tell you that she is the lucky one.

Shirley Holt Oliver

She has always, always told us how special we are, names our talents almost daily, tells us she loves us, watches out for our best interests and gives us unsolicited advice, even though we are both in our 50s.  We got smacked when we needed it and learned that we can't always have what we wanted. We learned to budget and plan ahead.  We learned to cook, bake, and gut a fish.  (oh, wait, that was our dad). 

She showed us the value of friendship and how to look out for the feelings of others. 

She taught us amazing strength as we watched her deal with the loss of her only son, nursed our dad through his cancer, and lost her mom in her 30s when we are just starting to understand how smart our moms really are.

For all of this, and much, much, more, we say, Happy Mothers' Day, mom!

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Terri Steffes

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