Lucha Margarita

My husband and I enjoyed a wonderful meal at Lucha, Mexican Soul Food Restaurant before the St. Louis Symphony concert on Saturday. (By the way, the symphony played Carmen, and received a standing ovation from the audience.  It was superb!)  I am going to review Lucha's margarita in honor of Cinco de Mayo!

This margarita was very delicious.  The cloudy appearance comes from fresh squeezed lime juice which made the drink tart and strong.  The salt was just like I like it, enough to temper the tequila but not overwhelming.  I could easily find myself craving this margarita.  I am glad the restaurant is so close to the St. Louis Symphony and The Fox Theater.  It will give me plenty of opportunities to come back and have one.

Hanging out with Pam at Tipsy Tuesday and Kristin at Thursty Thursday!

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