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Weekend Happenings

The weekend is almost here!  In my world, the weekend starts at 5 pm on Friday!  We are fortunate to have some wonderful things going on this weekend.

Ashley and Eric are visiting.  They will be with friends tonight at the Cardinal's game and then on to Jefferson City to visit Eric's family, but any glimpse of them is a bonus for me!  We will have Huxley to spoil this weekend while they are gallavanting around.

I have DAR this Saturday and I am one of the hostesses.  I have already made Caramel Cashew Cookies and tomorrow I am making Mini Egg Scrambles.  We are expecting a large crowd as we will have the CAR and the SAR there as well.

Recipe posted May 19!
Bob and I are attending a Cardinals game ourselves this weekend.  We have fun seats this year, under an overhang which protects me from the sun.  This is the first afternoon game we will have been to this year.

On Saturday Bob will be getting his birthday gift, even though his birthday isn't until May 26.  Bob, his brother Gary, Ashley and Eric and Bob's friend, Steve are all getting to fly in a WWII Army B-25J Mitchell bomber.  They will also get to tour a Army Aeronca L-3 Defender and a Navy TMB-3 Avenger Torpedo Bomber.  Ashley is getting her hair done in a 1940s chignon and found a dress for the occasion.  I cannot wait to see the pictures!

Bob's band plays at The Moonshine on Saturday night.  It is their first major gig outside of New Town and I know they are excited, nervous, scared, but thrilled at the opportunity.  I will go and listen to their mix of blues, rock, and jazz.

What does your weekend have in store?  This one happens to be a busy one for us, but it is also nice to be able to have coffee on our front porch and a cocktail on the patio.  Maybe we'll be lucky and that will still happen! Have a good weekend everyone!

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