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Around Our Garden, a simple DIY

We are getting our backyard ready for the summer months ahead.  A table we purchased last summer faded terribly in the constant sun that we have in our backyard.  It started looking pretty terrible about half way through the summer, but we just didn't have the time to actually do anything about it.  We discussed going and asking for a replacement, and that didn't happen, and then talked about getting a new one when the summer sales hit, but that didn't happen, either.  So we closed the summer with a pretty faded table.

I cleaned the table with a little redegreaser soap and water and let dry.  My husband then used Valspar Outdoor spray paint to recoat the table with a fresh color.  We chose Gloss Gold as we were putting it in a new location and liked the color pop it will add to the space.

Catching the spots not completely covered.

This coat of paint covered very well and looks great in its new spot on our new deck!  We'll keep you informed of how the color lasts in our sunny back yard!

DYI table

New in the garden: tomatoes and peppers are in!  The herb garden is planted, the Swiss chard is ready to pick, new flowers in the bed and some more lettuces almost ready!

That's it for this week!  Enjoying the beautiful weather we are having here in Missouri this weekend!  Hope you are enjoying your place, too!

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