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3 Things to Expect When Moving to a New Country

For many people, the idea of moving to a new country is a dream that they work to realize for years, before finally taking the plunge.

For others, a move to a new country is something fairly unwelcome – which may have been made necessary by shifting personal circumstances, or by the request of a current employer.

In any event, whether you are moving to Vancouver to pursue a great dream of yours, or are moving to London because that’s where your company’s head office is, and you wish to rise up the ladder – there are various things that you should expect and realize about the process of an international move; so that you can address issues as they arise, and be in the best position to turn the experience into an adventure.

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    1. Everything will be completely chaotic at first – you’ve got to fight to establish order

Generally speaking, it’s difficult to overstate just how much we often take things like “order” and “structure” for granted in our everyday lives. In fact, we may even be so caught up in our own everyday concerns and distractions, that we would be surprised if anyone suggested to us that our lives were at all “orderly.”

In reality, though, we all have certain expectations about the about the world that we expect to have confirmed to us on a regular basis, and we make our decisions in accordance with those perspectives.

When you move to a new country, the first thing that is likely to happen is that everything will be completely chaotic for a time – many of the structures, routines, and familiar aspects of your old life in your old country will be thrown out the door.  Also, moving your possessions to a new country is altogether a new challenge. Even more, it can be difficult to find out the best professional movers in the new country. If you are planning to move to New York or any other city in USA, get moving quotes from the 9Kilo Moving website, which will help you get accurate estimated moving costs from various established movers in USA.

This, of course, can be extremely disorienting and unnerving. The key is that you work to fight to re-establish order as soon as you can. Bring back routine and structure to your everyday life, get the house tidied and organized as soon as you can, and synchronize yourself with the rhythms of the local society and its expectations.
To exist on a day-to-day basis, everyone needs some degree of order.

    1. You will become homesick – you’ve got to put yourself out there, to connect your new environment.

It’s very rare that people will ever move to a new country, without feeling some pangs of homesickness upon arriving at their new destination.

Apart from moving back immediately, however, there is little to be done except stay in touch with your loved ones, and distract yourself from your introspection and melancholy, by forcing yourself to get out there as much as possible.

Stay active, and work to connect yourself with your new environment. Don’t give yourself the opportunity to sit around ruminating too much.

3. You probably will feel like withdrawing for a while – get out there, instead.

In connection with the last point; it’s natural that some degree of unease, disorientation, and insecurity will set in when you find yourself in a new environment, where you may not even understand the language.

The natural temptation here will be to withdraw for a while – maybe for a long while.

Get out there, instead. See the cultural sights, find opportunities for social interaction, and remind yourself that you’re up to the task of turning this experience into an adventure, rather than having it be only a frightening challenge.

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