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Fun Video Ideas For Content Creators

The internet is a wonderful thing for many reasons, some worth considering more than others. One of the best and most connecting forms of worthwhile online community is that of content creators and the audience they build. You may have a great deal of fun launching your own blog, YouTube channel, or even streaming page.

Of course, when you have all of this setup, and you have exhausted some of the pressing content you were interested in making, you may feel stuck for ideas. Don’t feel bad about that. Even the most prolific authors, for instance, can feel writing block once in a while. It can become part of them, and over time it may feel very tiring to deal with.

That being said, there are many fun video ideas for content creators you can take part in, perhaps putting your own blend on a tried and tested formula, or maybe joining with your friends to spice things up again. As far as that is concerned, we have a few ideas that may help you get started. Please, consider:

Hot Sauce Challenge

There’s a reason why the consumption of hot sauce has become so celebrated and gathers so much attention online. It’s amusing to see the content creators we are familiar with try to deal with the intense heat of a pepper sauce like this. Web shows such as Hot Ones has popularized this concept, and has also shown that hot sauce needn’t only be a punishment, but a dietary product holding its own worth. That being said, using a ghost pepper sauce as the fundamental ingredient of a taste test challenge, you’re sure to create hilarious content. Just be sure you’re in good health and read the warning labels before beginning. And for the love of all that is good, remember to hit ‘record’ on your camera before you begin.

A Travel Log

Travel logs are so interesting to watch because it’s interesting to see how people react to travel, or landmarks, or new cultures. Everyone has their own insight and interest when it comes to seeing new places, or experiencing countries they have explored before. A travel log can also help you connect with other positive people traveling and making the most of this little planet we call our home - and that in itself can be a fantastic community to be part of.

Personal Insights

Why not share your personal insights out there? Who knows what people may respond to? If you’re accredited with dance qualifications and have appeared in a few music videos as a backing dancer, why not share how you got the gig and your experiences on set? If you’re self-publishing a novel, why not create content explaining the process and how you’re finding it? Little things like this can help the online conversation stay healthy and who knows, you may even find support for expressing yourself.

With these efforts, we hope you can find the next fun idea for your content creating effort.

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