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Five Things To Know Before You Head To China

When it comes to world travel, you have a lot of choices. There are the obvious places to go such as Florida and the Gold Coast, but there are other places that most people don’t think to visit. One of them is China.

Honestly, it may be on a bucket list for some, but China is such an unknown place for most people in the UK and US. There are so many things to explore and you get to meet some incredible people, and if you decide to cut short your European trip with the hope of heading to Shanghai, you need to head to the Chinese Embassy in Brussels and make sure you have the right visa before you go. China is very strict on paperwork to get into the country, and without it you may be refused. It’s not worth the risk, especially when it’s a beautiful country just waiting to dazzle you!

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at five things that you should know before you head on your trip to China.

Aerial Photography of Great Wall of China

Bring an open mind with you. China is unlike anywhere else in the world and you’ll notice very quickly that provinces differ from one to another. From the cities to the rural areas, there are a lot of differences and you need to embrace those differences. Live a little - like a local, if you can!
Bring a translation app or book with you when you go. It’s rare that even the hotel staff will be able to help you with simple requests as they don't have any English under their belts. That’s the point though: you’re in China - embrace a little Chinese! You’ll learn something!

It’s time to swap from coffee to tea when you get to China. The Chinese love their tea (or hot water on its own), but coffee? It’s not a thing. If you’re a coffee lover, then you need to immerse yourself in the variety of teas on offer.

In China, you will always need a packet of tissues on you at all times. It may be a little bit of an inside joke with the locals, but you’ll find that getting free tissues anywhere is a bit of a nightmare. You should consider that you need them when you go to the bathrooms - and they may not have any tissues.

Before you travel, make sure that you get a VPN if you go to China. China has a firewall that won’t even let Facebook, Google, Instagram or Twitter through, so you’ll need a virtual private network if you plan to go online at any point. These are super easy to set up (check out this guide) and you can still access social media and search sites while you’re on holiday.

China is - for most - undiscovered brilliance. From the amazing cuisine to the quirky traditions and the stunning scenery, China has something to offer everyone who comes through her boundaries. Book your flight today - but don’t forget to get your paperwork sorted!

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