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3 Actionable Tips To Make Your Home Greener

Last year we saw a dramatic rise in the number of climate activists that were making their voices heard. Regardless of what you think about these activists, you can’t deny that the climate is changing. Temperatures are getting hotter, and we all need to chip in to do something about it.

For me, it starts in the home. Everyone should try and do their bit for the environment, and a lot of things are out of our control. But, our home is something we have control over, yet it can seriously damage the environment. There are lots of things we do in our homes that negatively affect the planet around us. On the other hand, there are also lots of things we can do to reverse this and have a greener, more eco-conscious home!

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Lower your central heating or turn it off

Do you really need your central heating system on full-blast all the time? So many families leave theirs on all throughout the day at a ridiculously high temperature. This will directly lead to more fossil fuels being burned, creating a rise in carbon emissions. Realistically, you can still feel warm by turning it down to a lower level, and only turning it on when you really need it. Throw on a jumper and some warm socks, and you’ll be fine.

Update your insulation

Staying on the topic of keeping warm, you could do with some new insulation in your home. Insulation helps to trap heat inside your property. In fact, your lack of good-quality insulation may be why your heating is on so much - your house naturally lets too much heat escape. Companies like Paradigm Roofing offer insulation services, so you can get some brand new stuff in your walls and attic as soon as possible. Retain heat in your home, use your heating less and less, and reduce carbon emissions.

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Turn your lights off and open your curtains

Believe it or not, but the amount of electricity you use will also impact the environment. We always think of electricity as the answer to many carbon emissions problems. Granted, an electric car is way better for the planet than a petrol one. However, the electricity in your home comes from power stations. The more you use, the harder these stations have to work. As a result, they create loads of harmful carbon gasses that release into the atmosphere. To reduce your electricity usage, turn off your lights. Open the curtains to let natural light in, so you never have to turn lights on during the day. Don’t leave the lights on in rooms that are unoccupied - it’s a waste of electricity!

I know what you’re thinking, how will any of these things improve the environment? Well, if everyone did them, then we’d definitely see a positive impact. You can’t control what other people do, but you can control how you contribute to the planet. So, if you want to be greener and more eco-friendly, then try these three actionable tips to reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

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