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Seasoned Keto Crackers: Improv Cooking Challenge

Such a fun event this month to challenge ourselves to cheese and crackers!  In a lifestyle without a lot of carbs, crackers ARE a challenge, so I dedicated myself to finding the best Keto crackers online and I think I did, but I liked using hazelnut flour more than almond flour. A better taste and crunch, I think!

Keto style crackers in a white napkin and bowl.

I took the crackers along with sausage and cheese to a book club meeting. I asked my friends to give me some feedback on the crackers. All the feedback was that I needed more salt in the actual mix, so on the second batch more salt was added and it made a huge difference.  The added salt is in the recipe.

Some tips on making:  I like using the biscotti baking method for crackers. I bake for half the time, and remove from the oven for five minutes, then turn over and bake the rest of the time. This gives the crackers an extra crunch.  Also, rolling between parchment allows you to roll out thin dough.  Watch the crackers baking so they don't get too dark.  Personally, I like a dark edge, but not everyone would agree with that!

Yield: 20 crackers

Keto Crackers

Keto Crackers

Easy and quick to make. Will make more crackers the thinner you roll out the dough.
prep time: 10 Mcook time: 17 Mtotal time: 27 M


  • 7 t butter, melted
  • 3/4 almond, hazelnut, coconut flour
  • 1/2 t xanthan gum
  • 1/4 t baking powder
  • 1/2 t salt
  • 1 egg beaten, and 1/2 of that
  • preferred seasonings


How to cook Keto Crackers

  1. Preheat oven to 350
  2. Mix flour, xanthan gum, salt, and baking powder.
  3. Add butter and 1/2 of beaten egg, mix well, form into a ball.
  4. Wrap in plastic and freeze 5-7 minutes (only to harden butter a bit)
  5. Roll ball between pieces of parchment paper, making as thin as a cracker.
  6. Form into square.
  7. Score crackers with a knife, cutting to the parchment.
  8. Press in seasonings gently.
  9. Place parchment on cookie sheet.  Back 1-12 minutes depending on your cracker's thickness. 
  10. Cool for 5 minutes.
  11. Turn crackers and rebake 5 minutes.
  12. Cool completely and store in airtight baggie or box.
Fat (grams)
Sat. Fat (grams)
Carbs (grams)
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Improv Cooking Challenge: January 2020

Ingredients: Cheese and Crackers

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  1. Those look delicious, i love the idea of the hazelnut base. It sounds so delicious.

  2. Is that 3/4 cup of Almond or Hazelnut or Coconut flour? These really look yummy, and may just be made this coming weekend.

    1. Yes, 1/2 c of whatever flour you choose. Not 1/2 c of all three. Let me know how you like them. Don't skip the freezing part!!

  3. I never knew there waere such a thing as keto crackers but it seems like a great food. I am not on a krto diet but I would make this if I was.

  4. They look and sound really good. I would love to give these a go because we love crackers as snacks in our house.

  5. I would give these a try. I always love to have crackers with cheese and meats as a snack.

  6. I am pinning this recipe for the future. I have been so intrigued with Keto diet, good thing I am a cheese and meat person. :)

  7. We did the keto diet for as long as we could handle it and I wish we had this recipe while we were still doing it. Sounds good!

  8. These look really good. I've been thinking a lot of trying out the keto diet. I'll keep this recipe on hand so I can try them out.

  9. I bet these seasoned keto crackers are a delicous option for many people on keto. I'll even try them and I'm not keto. They seem like a nice little treat to have while I work at home.

  10. You are doing amazing with your Keto lifestyle. Good for you. These crackers sound delicious.

  11. These look so good and seem simple enough to make. Never thought about making my own crackers before.

  12. These sound really good! I'm not a fan of almond flour so I will try the hazelnut flour.

  13. I've never considered making crackers, but I love watching them making them on the British Baking Show. Maybe I'll give it a try sometime! These look so good.

  14. My hubby is doing keto and even brought home some coconut flour. I wasn't sure what to do with it. This will be my first keto recipe and am eager to make the crackers for him.

  15. Definitely need to pass this one on to my friend who is embracing everything Keto!!!

  16. Mama Maggie's Kitchen7:13 PM

    These crackers looks scrumptious! I can't wait to take a bite and taste it's delicious flavor.

  17. These crackers looks delicious I need to try to make this Keto crackers these are great one.

  18. I have never made my own crackers, but it would be fun to give it a try. These look delicious!

  19. I made one attempt at keto crackers and it was an epic fail. I'm going to have to try this recipe


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