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5 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day At Home

Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and couples up and down the country are thinking of cute and unique - or fun and adventurous - ways of celebrating the Day of love and romance.

The problem is that after you have been together for a few years, try to think of something a bit different from all of the other years that you have celebrated. You might not be able to go out for fancy meals or dates in restaurants as you did once before, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun! Here, we are going to look at five ways to celebrate at home that you might not have thought of before.

1. Go camping - indoors!

There is nothing more romantic than spending the night under the stars, at one with nature, right? Wrong! Spending it curled up in your living room, in the warmth, with a clean bathroom just a few steps away and access to Netflix is SO much more romantic. Set up a tent in your living room, throw in some snuggly blankets, turn on the fairy lights, and pop a film on. You could even buy a cute valentines day shirt to wear!

2. Turn your living room into a ballroom

If turning your living room into a camping spot is not quite your thing, why not turn it into a ballroom instead? Maybe you can't get out and go dancing because of family commitments, but that does not mean that you both can't dress up in your finest and dance around the living room. Just shove the furniture to the corner of the room, light some candles and off you go! If you don't know how to dance, watch an instructional video together, and learn together!

3. Relax at your in house spa

Your living room has been a camping spot, a ballroom, and it can also be the perfect spa. Dust off that foot spa, dig out the face masks and hunt down that long-ignored bottle of massage oil and treat yourselves to a couples' spa day', in the comfort of your own home.

4. Plan an indoor picnic

Unless you live somewhere warm, February is not usually considered a great month for going for a picnic. Instead of waiting for the warmer months to come around, pack up a picnic with a variety of valentines brownie boxes that maximizes the treat of happiness, and head to your living room. Once you have had a picnic free from bugs and grass, you may never go back to the real thing!

5. Have a board game night

When was the last time you and your love sat down and played a board game together? Pull out those old chess boards and checkers pieces and challenge your partner to a board game battle. Choose games made specifically for two players, such as Scrabble, chess or card games, and spend Valentine's Day brushing up on your favorite strategies.

As you can see, you do not need to leave your house to have fun on Valentine's Day. In fact, some of the best things are the simple things that you can do at home and cost very little other than your time and imagination.

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