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How to Add More Value to Your Home’s Exterior

Despite the many benefits of revamping your home’s exterior, it is easily ignored when undergoing a home remodeling project. Yet, many learned during the pandemic that their outdoor space is equally important and deserves a treat. Besides, the first impression is vital for property sellers, and nothing attracts buyers more than an appealing exterior. This is why you should consider adding these features to your outdoor project to increase its value. 

Upgraded doors and windows

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Although home upgrades that entail recreation and entertainment are key selling points for homes, many others like windows and doors create long-lasting home value. For example, installing an energy-efficient window to prevent air leaks and harmful UV light from entering will increase your home value. You may have a home inspector assess your exterior doors and windows to determine whether you need a replacement before selling your house. For persons living in extreme weather conditions, your doors and window upgrade should be a top priority.

A pool and other outdoor amenities

In some real estate markets, a swimming pool is a must to keep up with your neighbors. For places like South Florida, almost every residential project comes with a swimming pool or water feature. Such outdoor amenities may have a higher investment return depending on your location. If a swimming pool appears too much of a project for your budget, you can install a hot tub, fire pit, or summer kitchen to highlight your home exterior value. For an existing pool, guarantee it is well cleaned and maintained. You may also offer potential homebuyers a service or maintenance checklist to prove your commitment to your home.

Small landscaping for enormous curb appeal

During the summertime, you can easily win over a potential buyer with even the most minor landscaping jobs. If you face an overgrown or outdated landscape and need a new life, now should be an excellent time to consider an upgrade. A clean landscape is vital for increasing your home value and making a sale. A study has suggested that home sellers could make a healthy 83% ROI with good landscaping. Stone planters, planting flowering shrubs, mulching, and adding stone planters are some landscape upgrades you can consider.

Revamp exterior dining and entertainment areas

Creating or extending your dining and entertainment areas to your home outdoors is excellent for increasing home value. Imagine what you could do with your front porch and backyard as a place to entertain your friends and family. Therefore, if you consider buying an outdoor sofa for your home, ensure it looks well-kept with cushions in lovely colors. Your property landscape must also be cut, trimmed, and spiced up with overhanging shrubs in planters, potted greenery, and flowers in table vases. These are incredible ways to revamp and create an expensive outdoor look.

Perk up with seasonal colors

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A crucial part of adding value to your asking price is to create an ideal home feel. Nothing creates the ambiance most homebuyers seek than a touch of seasonal color in the home's exterior. It could take some landscaping or colorful furniture to compliment your exterior home color palette. Pay attention to detail to improve curb appeal and increase your home value. Consider some eye-catching colors for your lawn furniture painting, mailbox, or even your home's front door.

Get eco-friendly for more value

With the recent carbon footprint consciousness, many people are looking to make their homes more eco-friendly. For many prospective homebuyers, it is a crucial feature for their buying decision. For example, a drainage system to recapture rainwater to water your landscape or a green roof with vegetation are some eco-friendly upgrades you can do to your home. You can likewise add some solar-powered lighting for your landscape. This is easily among a few exterior upgrades to attract the most eco-conscious homebuyers. Fortunately, there are many sustainable features you can install to increase your home value.

Refresh your exterior with new painting

Your home exterior creates the first impression when people visit your home for the first time. A new painting can do so much for your exterior look and preserve your home for many years. Therefore, you can pressure wash to remove debris or dirt if your home is wood or stucco painted. You can likewise pressure wash if you have a brick, rock, or homemade with natural stone to create an appealing curb. Although the cost of painting your entire exterior could cost you between $3500 and $7000, there is a lot you can DIY to lower the cost. You may also shop around for a reasonable price for an excellent job if you are going for professionals.

Light up your outdoors and landscape

Home lighting is one of the most easily forgotten areas to add value to a home's exterior. Whether the lighting is for security, safety, or ambiance, you cannot trade your outdoor lighting for anything else. Good landscape lighting enhances nighttime curb appeal by ensuring your guest can arrive at our door safely and keep intruders out. Therefore, it’s best to select architectural lighting options to display your home features, walkways, and surrounding areas.

Stand across the street and take a good view of your home

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Although this may not count as a home feature or upgrade, it is an essential step to assessing your overall exterior curb appeal. It's easy to assume that you need to spend to increase your home value, yet it could be as easy as removing a fallen tree or debris. It is always important to imagine yourself as a potential homebuyer when treating your home. So take a stand across the street, look back at your home and remove any item or clutter that may harm your exterior appeal since that is the first contact a buyer will make with your home before entering.

Many exteriors can make your home more enjoyable, yet not all of them will increase its value for future buyers. For instance, a swimming pool is excellent for a family willing to take up extra maintenance and cost yet can be put off for many potential buyers. Make particular considerations when deciding on features to improve your curb appeal. Fortunately, this article should offer you a sound footing to get started.

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