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6 Summertime Trends Your Whole Family Will Love

 Summer’s right around the corner, which means it’s time to plan much-deserved breaks and exciting vacations. It’s also time to finally bid adieu to winter wear and accessories so you can start sporting the latest summer looks. Here are six trends you and your family are sure to love.

Cheery Colors

Interesting color combinations are setting the trend this year. Yellow, white and blue are the hues to look for when the whole family goes summer shopping. You could mix up the look with a little bit of hot pink, neon green or bold scarlet thrown in for some pizzazz. Try styling wardrobe favorites with an accessory in the season’s colors: belts, scarves and backpacks will all do the trick.

Summery Outfits 

Picking out outfits for summer after the cold, dreary days of winter is something to look forward to. Light fabrics rule the roost, and the style quotient is taken up a notch with short hemlines. While micro-minis are back in vogue, the menfolk can look forward to shorts in varying lengths and styles. Bermuda shorts are in, as are cargo shorts with plenty of pockets to store knick-knacks on your summer outings. When it comes to the latest shirts for men, classic Hawaiian shirts with vibrant prints are making a stylish comeback this season. If you are looking for some of the best mens swim trunks in the market, SwimOutlet is exactly where you want to be as they have a variety of choices and colors.


Go-To Shoes

It doesn’t matter what plans you have for summer, trendy and comfortable footwear are sure to be on your shopping list. From casual slip-ons to vibrant hi-tops, brands such as Vans offer plenty of options in styles and sizes for the whole family. The large inventory and affordable prices make them a great choice for your summer fun.

Handy Gadgets

Irrespective of whether your summer plans include an extended vacation or just a quick trip to the beach, there are some gadgets that can add to the fun. Slim and lightweight Bluetooth speakers that can be connected wirelessly to your phone or tablet and a sleek cocktail shaker could help you stay cool in more ways than one. Camp chairs, portable grills and innovative ice packs to help you keep your beverages refreshingly cool are some must-haves of this season.

Swim Gear

Summertime and fun in the water go hand-in-hand, so new swim gear is bound to be on the wish list for the entire family. While khaki and action man-style swim trunks are all the rage in the men’s section, it’s sparkling fabrics and creative cutout styles for women’s swimsuits. In addition, an assortment of inflatable floats of various shapes and sizes have taken over the pool equipment section with their popularity. Add a couple of funky beach chairs and you are all set for happy times in the sun and sand.

Funky Sunglasses 

Make a statement this summer with cool sunglasses in hexagonal and butterfly-shaped frames. Retro shades and oversized designs continue to be popular this year with men and women, the young and the old alike. Gradient lenses in dramatic colors such as blue ombre, pink and green add to the wow factor.

Shop Till You Drop

These trends hold good for the whole family and are available in a wide price range to suit every budget. Now that you know what to look for when stocking up on your summer essentials, get out there and shop till you drop.

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