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Spring Bathroom Remodel Ideas


It’s Springtime! Now’s the time when you don’t know exactly why, but everything looks cleaner than it actually is and it just feels like most days are just the right temperature; not too hot but not too cold either. The warmth and hominess that spring brings are one of the main reasons why a lot of people love it —so let’s bring it into your home! 

We know that a household bathroom is usually one of the dingiest or darkest spaces inside a house, but that won’t do with Spring coming in, which is why we are here to help you redecorate your bathroom to match the warm feeling that Spring is bringing for everyone else, from warm-colored bathroom vanities to use of unique decor, here are a few tips that will just make you appreciate spring, even more.

The great thing about choosing to remodel your bathroom during the Spring is that your chosen decoration and theme will still be able to carry over and look appropriate for Summer, with just the right touch of neutral tones and flowery d├ęcor, your bathroom’s makeover will be more than you can ever ask for in the upcoming months.

Here are a few tips and tricks to spruce your bathroom up just in time for Spring:

Light Earth Colors

Spring gives us such a great gift as it shows a little bit more of what the world has to offer, nature’s beauty all out for us to see – which is why it is a great idea to take a page out of nature’s book and apply this natural beauty into your bathroom. Now, keep in mind that your bathroom probably won’t have that many windows; so plan accordingly.

The simplest way to make sure your bathroom’s in with the spring season is to paint your bathroom walls Earth Colors/Tones. Now, in this part, the lighting is key – which is why we earlier told you to keep note of your bathroom’s windows. For those with a few or no windows, using light earth tones is the best way to go, not only does it match the colors when you go outside, but the light choice of color will also undoubtedly illuminate your room!

Hanging Plants

Although it may seem weird to put live plants in your bathroom, it’s actually more common than you think! You can use one or two and hang them in the corner of your bathroom – this is so that it won’t get in the way of anyone using the bathroom but will still be placed in a position where everyone is bound to see.

You don’t have to worry about watering it too! When you buy the plants, you can just let the shopkeeper know they’ll be hanged in a place with limited natural light and water and you’ll be surprised by just how many choices there are actually to choose from. Use these decorative hanging plants to further give your bathroom a touch of the beauty that we get to experience as we go out day today. Not to mention, having oxygen-producing plants inside your bathroom also serves as a good way to naturally clean and air out your bathroom.

Spring Air Freshener

One thing that is very distinct from Spring that you won’t find in any of the other seasons is the natural aroma. Plants have their distinct smell and with it, all being in full bloom during Spring, walking around just about anywhere becomes a treat for your nose as the natural fragrances just smell so refreshing. With this, just adding one or two Spring air fresheners under your sink or behind your toilet will allow that smell to permeate your bathroom and your household too!

Like hanging plants, your Spring air fresheners will also serve more than one purpose! It cannot be denied that bathrooms generally have pungent odors as the main reason why we go to bathrooms is to release toxins and unhealthy organisms from our bodies. Because of this, most of us wrinkle up our noses and prepare to hold our breath before entering most bathrooms – an air freshener will make sure this does not happen and will leave your and the visitors’ noses smelling only clean air throughout their use of the bathroom.

In choosing air fresheners, there is one more small thing you can add to your regular routine. Since bathrooms don’t really get a lot of fresh air, toxins and bacteria usually last long and even reproduce in bathrooms – while regular cleaning, air, and the sunlight are usually enough to kill them off, a little added help won’t hurt. Try to look for bacteria and odor-killing air fresheners when you shop as they can help make your bathroom just a little bit healthier for the benefit of everyone in your household.


Everyone has a few racks or stand-up drawers for your bathroom’s odds and ends such as a hair blower here and one or two magazines for when you do your ones and twos over there and we usually just buy a metal-framed rack or stand-alone drawers to shower up one wall of the room to put these things into; well we can make it feel just a little bit more Spring by changing it up.

It may look like such a simple decoration but making sturdy woven baskets as your go-to organizer and container for your bathroom’s odds and ends will greatly compliment the nature vibe we’ve been going for this whole time. Trust us, putting one or two baskets might just be the one to complete your Spring-themed bathroom!

Earthly Bathroom Mats

We’re really going for recreating the beauty outside as much as we can here so what you can do to give your bathroom that added touch would be to get bathroom mats that match and compliment your earth-toned walls, adding another different hue of the earth will definitely make your bathroom all come together to recreate the different colors you see outside during Spring.

But we do acknowledge one thing – sometimes, earth tones aren’t the easiest things to match with other colors, going back to our basic color wheel, it’s probably because they’re far from complementary colors. IF you’re chosen earth tones for your walls are hard to match, getting mats to match can still be done easily! Get yourself a faux plant or wood bath mat and you’ll be good to go!

Window Films

Last but not least, one small simple thing you can add to your Spring bathroom is to maximize your limited number of windows to complement the rest of the room. Window Films is one of the best and cheapest way to customize your bathroom windows to make sure it always fits your bathroom’s current themes! Now, keep in mind that the entirety of what we’re going for here is to complement and replicate the wonders of spring outside as much as we can – which is why it is important not to block it off. When choosing window films or window stickers, don’t go for whole films --- these films are the ones that cover your entire window in design, which will rob your bathroom of the already limited natural light that it can get.

To make your window films work, choose those that only accent the corners or a portion of the window. Stay true to the theme! Pick cute flowers, animals, or even cute little insects to grace your window and it'll not still allow your bathroom to get the natural light it deserves but will also give the bathroom silhouettes that will surely make you feel like you’re outside. Choose the perfect film to accent your bathroom and your bathroom will be completely ready for Spring!

Final Thoughts

By keeping your theme of Spring close to nature, you also ready your bathroom for what summer brings: a whole lot of hot, hot, and hot. The tips and tricks we’ve mentioned above not only fits Spring but also guarantee that your bathroom receives as much air and natural light as it can during the summer to make it as cool as possible. Not to mention how the earthly tones will help with making your bathroom feel cool as everyone in the house begins to feel hot.

Springtime lasts for approximately 3 months and those months will make you appreciate the world like never before, as you go about bathroom decoration, you’ll also realize it’s not that much of a hassle to go about decorating – this is because of the perfect weather also makes for ideal working conditions, and let’s admit it, decorating different parts of your house is hard labor. You can use this time to bond with your family as you choose decorations together and even make plans for the summer! 

Remember that nature is everywhere around us and there are always traces of it in everything we see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. This is why our bathroom decorations for Spring give your bathroom the perfect Spring finish, your bathroom not only looks like a small wonderful piece of outside you take home with you but also feels and smells like the outside too – completely immersing you in nature and bring the feeling of warmth that Spring is generally associated with into your bathroom.

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