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Instagram Following- Best Crafts & Travel Accounts To Follow Right Now


Image source: Unsplash

Creative block is real. But most times, inspiration is only an Instagram account away.  

One of the reasons Instagram is so popular is that it allows creatives in different fields to showcase their craft. There are hardly any professionals you won't find on the platform, from doctors and fitness enthusiasts to craft lovers and travel adventurers. 

This leads us to today's post.

Instagram has a large number of craft and travel creators who routinely share creative ideas. If you love art or fancy traveling, this blog is for you. 

Whether you are looking for the best vacation spot or a quick DIY tip, there are tons of Instagram accounts to follow to fuel your inspiration. 

In this article, we will show you some of the best crafts and travel accounts that are follow-worthy in 2022.

Let's get rolling

Best Craft Instagram Accounts To Follow

These Instagram accounts will show you many ways to make simple stuff without stress and on a small budget.


Image source: Instagram| @damasklove

Amber Kemp-Gerstel is the creator behind the colorful Instagram account @damasklove. Her content presents fun and easy to do crafts. 

2. @thediyday

Image source: Instagram| @thediyday

Renee Day is giving her followers great ideas to make beautiful items. From greeting cards and journal layouts to colorful candy boxes and more, there is so much to learn from her reels.

3. @abeautifulmess

Image source: Instagram| @abeautifulmess

@abeautifulmess is a blog run by two sisters Elsie and Emma who are working to be the creativity cheerleaders of their followers. They stick to their motto, "stay home + make something!” by making home decor projects, crafts, and simple recipes for their audience.

4. @thecraftygentleman

Image source: Instagram| @thecraftygentleman

Mike Aspinall is a gentleman who has a knack for making things. He was recently named 5th most popular UK DIY blogger. @thecraftygentleman is where he showcases free DIY & craft projects that can be easily done at home. 

5. @agirlandagluegun

Image source: Instagram| @agirlandagluegun

Kimbo, who also calls herself a craft hoarder, runs @agirlandagluegun. Her Instagram feed is a hub of DIY projects.

6. @ohjoy

Image source: Instagram| @ohjoy

Joy Cho is the founder and creative director of Oh Joy! @ohjoy offers one of the best crafts and DIY content on Instagram.

7. @sewhq

Image source: Instagram| @sewhq

Sew Magazine is a one-stop account for sewing projects and also UK's best-selling sewing magazine. Head to @sewhq for a chance at discovering amazing crafts and DIY content.

8. @handmadecharlotte

Image source: Instagram| @handmadecharlotte

@handmadecharlotte is an interesting account that shares sweet recipes, happy Crafts, and DIY projects. Rachel Faucett, who runs the account is giving her audience ideas to enjoy their meal with fun and craftsmanship.

9. @woolandthegang

Image source: Instagram| @woolandthegang

@woolandthegang is encouraging their followers to embrace fashion made by them through DIY knit and crochet kits. Visit their page and learn a thing or two from their photos and videos.

10. @sarahhearts

Image source: Instagram| @sarahhearts

@sarahhearts is a DIY and lifestyle-focused account founded by Sarah Rivero Khandjian. Check out Sarah's page for some DIY inspo and have a joyful time while at it.

11. @thecraftedlife

Image source: Instagram| @thecraftedlife

Rachel Mae Smith is an author and DIY blogger. She handles @thecraftedlife and doles out a colorful feed full of DIY projects to spur creativity in her followers. 

12. @studiodiy

Image source: Instagram| @studiodiy

Share in Kelly Mindell's world by visiting @studiodiy for some DIY inspiration. You will learn about fun and creative ways to throw parties from her page.

Best Travel Accounts To Follow

If you want to travel the world, you can trust these Instagram accounts for ideal destinations. You can also get some inspiration on how to build your Instagram following and grow your own travel account.


Image source: Instagram| @the.travel.project

@the.travel.project is the Instagram account where Charlie and Jess document their UK travel. The duo started their travels in 2016 and are still kicking. Take a visit to their page and you will find the beautiful animal, landscape, and food photos from their adventures.

2. @alexstrohl

Image source: Instagram| @alexstrohl

Alex Strohl is a French photographer and filmmaker who takes his followers along with him on his travel adventures. Do check out @alexstrohl for wonderful outdoor and landscape photography.

3. @gilliehouston

Image source: Instagram| @gilliehouston

@gilliehouston is a two-in-one package. As a food and travel writer, she not only shares photos of places, her feed will leave you salivating.

4. @samhorine

Image source: Instagram| @samhorine

Photographer and travel enthusiast, Sam Horine is one who leaves no stone unturned as he documents his adventures on Instagram. From @samhorine, you will see architectural photos, landscapes, luxury destinations, and photos from festivals. 

5. @mariefeandjakesnow

Image source: Instagram| @mariefeandjakesnow

Marie Fe and Jake Snow, who are a travel couple, are living their best lives traveling around the world. They share their lifestyle and travel adventures via @mariefeandjakesnow. If you are looking for vacation inspiration for you and your significant other, kindly check out this duo.

6. @expertvagabond

Image source: Instagram| @expertvagabond

Matt Karsten is an adventure seeker, photographer, and blogger. The expert vagabond has been on this path for 10 years and counting. He shares travel budget tips and advice on nomadic lifestyles on his blog. Peep at @expertvagabond to get one of the best travel and photography inspirations.

7. @carleyscamera

Image source: Instagram| @carleyscamera

Beautiful landscapes and architectural shots are what you will see on a visit to @carleyscamera. The Instagram page is a product of Carley Rudd. She is a traveler and self-taught photographer. Carley's photos are minimalist and show great details.

8. @loveatfirstflight_

Image source: Instagram| @loveatfirstflight_

Mahdi and Lanaiza are a couple who share their travel adventures and experiences. Their Instagram feed fills the eyes with beautiful photos and love. @loveatfirstflight_ will virtually take you on a journey to see the beauty of the world.

9. @ovunno

Image source: Instagram| @ovunno

Oliver Vegas is a travel and lifestyle photographer who grew up with traveling parents. He spends a great deal of time traveling around the world, to discover places and share his adventures. To Oliver, his photography means "capture, feel and transmit."  Pay a visit to @ovunno and see his travel photography.

10. @wheresandrew

Image source: Instagram| @wheresandrew

If you are wondering where Andrew Evans is, you should visit his Instagram page, @wheresandrew. That's where you'll see if he is in Antarctica, Maldives, or some remote part of Polynesia. The former digital nomad for National Geographic has curated an entertaining Instagram page to share his adventures.

11. @kirstenalana

Image source: Instagram| @kristenalana

Kristen Alana is an urban and outdoor travel blogger and photographer. Her Instagram page, @kristenalana doesn't spare us the beautiful images that result from her travels. Her architectural and landscape photos are delightful to the eyes.

12. @theblondeabroad

Image source: Instagram| @theblondeabroad

Kiersten Rich is a solo traveler who packed her bags and left her career to catch flights and travel the world. Her page @theblondeabroad will give more insight into her adventures as a solo traveler.

Get Crafty And Travel The World

Instagram affords you plenty of opportunities for free. You can do so much for yourself with the tips and tricks that Instagram creators put out daily. Do stuff yourself like a pro just by watching a reel. And before you set out for your trip, do visit an Instagram travel account for inspiration.

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