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Renovating Your Spare Room Into a Guest Bedroom

Many homeowners have a spare room at home that they are not sure what to do with. There are many good uses for a space like this whether it becomes a walk-in wardrobe, man cave, home office, or gym. Often, the best use of this space is to convert it into a guest bedroom so that you can easily have friends or family stay over. Here are a few tips for converting a box room into a guest bedroom.


Create a Peaceful Atmosphere

As a space for sleeping, it is important to create a peaceful atmosphere in this space. To achieve this, you should use neutral Deluxe colors like cream, white, grey, and pastel colors while avoiding anything too in your face like reds, greens, and oranges. You can always add bolder colors through artwork, pillows, etc. Other ways to create a peaceful atmosphere include soft lighting, candles, an air freshener, and keeping the space neat and clean for them.


Provide Plenty of Storage Space

As a guest bedroom, it is important that you provide your guests with ample storage so that they can keep everything that they need in the room. This is not always easy with a box room, but a fitted wardrobe for a box room is ideal as you can provide plenty of space without taking up too much floor space in the room. This should give them enough space to unpack all of their items but still feel comfortable in the room.


Choose the Perfect Bed

You want your guests to have a great night’s sleep and feel comfortable in your spare bedroom. In terms of size, you might not be able to fit a king-size bed in but you should try to fit at least a double in if possible. You will also want to find the best mattress for your budget - check out these reviews here. You could also add a mattress topper for extra comfort. In addition to this, you should provide additional bedding and towels for them in the room as well.


Make Them Feel Welcome

You could create the perfect guest bedroom, but if you do not make your guests feel welcome then they will find it hard to relax and sleep. You can make them feel welcome in your home by providing a coffee or tea station, including a mini-fridge in the room (filled with snacks and drinks) and spare chargers. You could even go the extra mile with robes and slippers!


Hopefully, these tips will help you to set up the perfect guest bedroom in your box room so that you can enjoy playing host and help them to feel welcome and settled. 

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