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Why You Should Walk More

A lot has changed about the world since the start of the pandemic. One of the most notable changes has been peoples transport habits with people driving much less as a result of lockdowns and social distancing. As a result, people have taken to walking more and this is great to see for a few reasons.


Changing Habits

Data from the National Accident Helpline showed that there were 27% fewer private motor vehicles on the road between March 2020 and March 2021 compared to pre-pandemic and a 68% decrease in public transport passengers during the same period. People have been working remotely and been getting more delivered to their homes, which means that people are relying much less on transport.


Of course, people still need to get out of their homes and even during the strictest periods of lockdown people were allowed to leave their houses for daily exercise. Consequently, many people discovered the joys of working and how this can be good for the body, mind, and soul. 


Health Benefits

Daily walking can strengthen bones, improve circulation, strengthen musclesand help people to lose weight. There are then also many mental health benefits to walking, especially when you are walking in nature. Walking can help people to relax, slow down mental decline, improve mood and even improve sleep.


Environmental Benefits

There are also important environmental benefits to walking and driving less. Driving petrol and diesel vehicles is bad for the environment while walking has zero impact, which is important in a time when everyone needs to do their part to lead greener lifestyles. Not only this, but walking is free unlike driving and the rising cost of fuel is a major cause for concern.


The Rise of Cycling

It is not just waking that people have turned to during the pandemic as cycling has also become a major trend. The National Accident Helpline data found that there was a 24% increase in cyclists on the road and this is another activity that can bring a range of physical and mental health benefits as well as being good for the environment. Safety can be a concern with cycling and cyclists need to learn the Highway Code, wear appropriate safety equipment and make sure that their presence is felt while on the roads to stay safe.


It is interesting to see how the pandemic has changed peoples habits and it is brilliant to see so many people walking, especially when you consider the wide-ranging benefits that this can bring.

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