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Dollar Tree DIY Garden Greenhouse

Our May challenge was to create something from the Dollar Store (which is now the $1.25 store in the US.)  I decided to scour the internet for a project and found this one that I loved on how to make a small greenhouse using Dollar Tree photo frames.  I absolutely loved making this craft, and since I followed the directions on this blog, I won't copy and repeat the directions here.  I did, however, show you some photos of the steps I took that are a bit clearer.  

This is a blog hop that is hosted by Beverly at Across the Blvd.  You can see the other bloggers who join together below this photo.  Please visit them and see what they made on their Dollar Tree inspiration!

Beverly | Across the Blvd

To make this you need a hot glue gun, glue sticks, 4-8 x 10 frames, and 4-5 x 7 frames.

Next you will remove all the backing from the frames so all you have is the glass and the frame.  Run a bead of hot glue in the corners to hold the glass in place.

Then you will run a bead of glue down the 8" side of the glass and glue another frame to it and continue this until you have a square.  

Finally, you will glue two of the smaller frames together side by side to form one section of the roof, and then make the other section of the roof.  This is where it gets tricky and you might want to have someone help.  Glue one section of the roof onto the square at an angle, and then to the other one to the other side. Run a bead of glue across the top so that the frames are joined at the top.  Hold for a couple of minutes until the glue is set.

Let the whole thing set for 30 minutes to firm up the glue.

Pro tip:  buy all the frames the same color so you don't have to paint it and to give it a more cohesive look!

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  1. Cool, Terri! Imagine the possibilities of what you can do with this little greenhouse! I always love seeing projects like these - made out of frames from the dollar store! So creative and unique!

  2. I've been wanting to make one of these for so long! I love that you found frames that were all the same color. My local Dollar Tree usually doesn't have them in the same color at the same time for me to find lol. Your greenhouse turned out beautifully! I honestly almost can't believe you didn't paint it to make it look more upscale. I would never guess that all of it came from Dollar Tree! Thanks for giving us clear & to the point directions. Great job, I love it! I just added a photo our group with a picture of your project in the collage.
    Happy hopping,
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

  3. Oh, wow! Using frames to create a small greenhouse is so very clever! Thank you for the directions on how you made it happen. pinning for later -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. I actually need one of these!!! My husband has been growing herbs, and it's still chilly here in WA, so he's been starting them in little jars and egg cartons and putting them in my windows... LOL I love that you created this gorgeous greenhouse with dollar store picture frames! So clever! I'm pinning this and showing it to my hubby. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I like that you didn't have to paint the frames for your greenhouse and it still looks great with the original dollar store finish. That saves a lot of time and headache. You've made an inexpensive project look great!

  6. Your garden greenhouse turned out great. It's such a fun way to use dollar store frames.


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