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Appealing Curbside Appearance: What to do to improve yours

Most people take pride and put a lot of effort into the interior of their home, which is understandable because they spend a lot of time there. However, the exterior of your home deserves your attention too. And not just your gardens. When you live in a community you will be able to see a little piece of everyone's personalities with the way the outside of their home looks and is presented. And it is often important to make sure you have an appealing curbside appearance. 

Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can make sure your home is curb appealing:

Your Front Door 

Has your door seen better days? This is often one part of a home that goes forgotten or slips under the radar for a long time and before you know it it’s extremely dirty, looking shabby, or needs replacing. If you want to give off a good impression start with your door. Think about what people knocking on your will see when they’re waiting for you to answer, now think about what you would like them to see. There are many ways you can update a door depending on the type you have. If it’s wooden but still in good condition you could sand and paint. If its PVC you can give it a good wash and paint it with specialized paint. Don’t forget to update the handles, knocker, and put clear numbers up too.

Your Roof 

Noticed any missing tiles or found tiles smashed on the floor? This could be a sign that you need to have someone look at your roof. Not only does it look messy having tiles that are missing or cracked but it can also cause problems to your home such as damp. If you notice anything like this you may need to have a roof repair completed. If your roof is in good working order, you might want to consider having it power-washed. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much difference this can make to the appearance of your home.

Your Front Garden 

A lot of effort goes into making your back garden feel like an extension of your home, but you shouldn’t forget about the front. Again your front garden gives off an impression to anyone approaching your property, walking/driving past, and an impression of you. So, why wouldn’t you want it to look it’s best? That’s not saying that you need to make a feature out of it or spend a lot of money. Simply making sure it well looked after is enough. Clean your pathways and clear it of any debris and weeds. Do the same to any driveways. Maintain and trim your lawn regularly, if it needs it to add a treatment to keep it looking green. Adding a few potted plants to your front porch or doorway adds a nice colorful touch to the front of your home.
These are just three ways that you can make sure your home is curb appealing. Is there anything you have done to your home to make it look great? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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