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Developing a walking plan for me (and what I have learned from it)

I am a big fan of morning routines.  I have read all the masters and have gleaned a lot from them on what it takes to have a beautiful and productive morning. A part of that morning routine includes exercise, which I have avoided at all costs.  I knew I needed to come up with something, and thank goodness, Hal Elrod from Miracle Morning offered a 30 Day May Challenge and asked us to commit to something beneficial and to write it down on his Facebook Post. Without really thinking, I found myself promising to walk every day for 30 days.  I hit "enter" and then looked at those words, agast.  What had I done?

I use the journal to help me organize my day and in it, the authors are always asking, "when was the last time you broke your word to yourself?"  I am always so proud to say that I am keeping my word to myself, but did I just set myself up?

No, I decided, I hadn't. I am going to keep this promise. I am taking this on head-on, or headstrong, as my mom would like to say!  So here is how I got myself started.

I first started by getting the go-ahead from my physicians. I am a ten-year cancer survivor, but with lupus, thyroidism, and other fun diseases, I thought I should talk to my caregivers. Everyone agreed that a moderate walking program would be very beneficial to me.  From my conversation with them, I am hoping to get better sleep, more clearheaded thinking, and an overall sense of happiness.  What great benefits!

I created a quick series of warm ups that didn't make me feel like I was starting a marathon. I simply stretch my leg muscles on my front steps and start walking slowly, increasing to my walking speed, which allows me to hold a conversation.

Then I checked to make sure I had appropriate gear.  I had one set of "tennis shoes" which I am making do with now, but eventually, I will want to add some of these great products.  I am leaning toward Adidas, as it fits my lifestyle and pocketbook.

I started May 1 and started with a walk around my block, about 15 minutes total.  What I discovered is, that I didn't hate it!  I love my neighborhood and seeing it up close and personal was such fun!  I really took the time to observe my surroundings.  The plants my neighbors chose for their homes, the decor of the porches, cute signs, and all the people who really sit on their porches and say hi!

On May 2 I eagerly got ready to walk and my husband joined me.  We went a little further, as I learned that walking with someone really makes the time go faster.  Still more observations, as we took a slightly different path.  This time I really noticed the items that were hanging from porch ceilings, like art, lighting, and wind chimes.  I do adore a good windchime!

On May 3 I was on my own again, and I took an evening walk.  This time I really went a long way, because as I started walking, the sun was going down and the sunset was exquisite.  I learned that if I am distracted in an artistic way, I can also walk long distances!

I won't keep going on day by day, but I wanted you to see how the yucky side of walking (all that exercise!) was easily negated by the positive side.  Eventually, I will have to get more serious and physical about it, but for now, the act of walking is a beautiful thing and I plan to thoroughly enjoy it.

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