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Nonchalant Ways To Make Your Home Secure

Although the home security products that we see on the market have evolved, they’re still a tad obvious. You may think that this is a good thing. On the surface, visible security measures may ward off the rookie criminal. However, burglars that do this for a living, breathe a sigh of relief because they know what they’re up against and then devise plans to overcome the measures we put in place. The nonchalant route will surprise and scare the veteran criminals but also give you a head start to protect your home further. In truth, you need a bit of both. Some measures will scare away the no-gooders while the stealthy measures will catch seasoned degenerates. Still, it will be best to be cautious and prepare an emergency contact list containing police hotline numbers, names of local criminal lawyers, etc.

Hiding in the bushes?

A burglar hiding in the bushes, waiting for you to leave or jump out to hurt you, is a very stereotypical image we have in our minds. There is some truth to it as they are obvious hiding spots. But, if they are hiding in the bushes, you should hide in the trees. Modern home security
cameras can be wirelessly linked to your security system indoors and yet be placed in trees. Home security cameras can be screwed onto tree branches or tree trunks. This makes them more stable yet hides them out of view. A burglar will try to break or block the camera from functioning if it's too out-in-front. This method allows you to protect your home to a higher degree.

A bump in the night?

You should never hear a bump in the night, more like a big bang or crash! When it's dark, burglars are more likely to move slowly and cautiously. This means that they will take their time walking up to your back door. Why not just place things that will make a loud crashing noise if disturbed? Large metal items that are leaned against the wall provide a natural alarm. If something like a metal rod or perhaps even symbols have been placed at an angle or just slightly on top of something, a clumsy burglar will knock them off onto the floor. The loud noise should wake you up and probably cause the burglar to abort their mission and run. The metal objects don’t look out of place so they will be overlooked.

Look before opening

Doorbell cameras have become essential in this day and age. Some burglars and other criminals that would do you harm, are nonchalant themselves. They will dress like a normal package delivery worker or even your postman just to get you to open the door. Look at who it is before you open the door with a doorbell camera system. The touchscreen controls will allow you to zoom in on their face without them knowing. It's very easy to use these types of systems as it is basically like a large mobile screen; which is good if you have children too. Security systems that are too obvious can be the first place criminals strike. But if you were to hide your camera in a tree, you could avoid this and still be alerted when a burglar is outside.

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