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Tips on How to Relax After Work: 10 Simple Tension Busters

After a long day at work, we all want to go home, lock ourselves in our houses, and drop down on the sofa. However, there are those days when you plan to be super-productive when you get home from work, and instead, find yourself spending the entire night watching movies. After dealing with all the tension from work, try doing something that will help you unwind. Many people are unable to switch out of their work mode and end up even more stressed about the next day. If you want to unwind, you should know that there is more to that than just watching your TV.

Ways to Relax After Work

Take a Walk

Walking can offer numerous health benefits to people of all ages, and when you are in the middle of stress, the best thing to do is take a walk. A brisk walk is a sure way to knock out stress and improve your mood instantaneously. Additionally, a short walk around your home or taking the stair and standing for some seconds to stretch is enough to relieve tension. Walking is very easy to do and can be easily added to your daily routine. By walking, you will not only unwind but also burn calories, strengthen your heart, and ease any joint pain.

Take a warm bath or shower

After a long day at work, there will be all kinds of germs, dust, and pollen sitting on your body, and the best way to get rid of them is by showering or taking a bath. A good bath will help you clean up and prevent infections and allergies. Take some steps in your Slipper Tub and delight in that hot bath and enjoy the many medical benefits. For example, bathing gets rid of feelings of depression and negativity. To achieve extra calming when in your bathtub, try adding some essential oil to the bathing water.


One of the best ways to reduce muscle tension and stiffness is by massaging yourself. According to some research, regular self-massaging can boost your immunity by activating the production of white blood cells. Also, massage helps you relax and improve your mental health and energy. There are many self-massage techniques that you can try for relaxation and to calm your muscles. After that long and hectic day at work, give yourself a tender, loving care with some of the perfect self -massage tips. You can start by massaging your head, face, neck and shoulder, lower back, thighs, calf, and eventually, your feet.  You may enjoy this so much you will want to enroll in the best online massage therapy school!


There are many benefits of exercising after work. Exercise is known to relieve stress in many ways. Exercise is known to increase the heart rate and results in the production of endorphins, which is a hormone that controls pain and aids your brain’s reaction to stress and anxiety. Also, exercise increases the activity of serotonin and norepinephrine. Apart from that, exercise helps your muscles relax. If you are a social person, team exercise will be a good idea, but if you love doing your workouts alone, then a good playlist will just be enough.


There is a good reason why doctors recommend breathing exercises to individuals struggling with severe stress. Deep breathing encourages the full exchange of oxygen in your body and activates your body’s soothing parasympathetic response and decreasing the levels of inflammatory compounds. If you feel tired from your busy day at work, take a few minutes to do some deep breathing. Extend your breathing by hesitating between each breathe in and breathe out. This will help you feel existing, peaceful, and relaxed.

Leave work at the office

One of the reasons why many people find it hard to unwind after work is that they bring everything from work to their homes. Leave work at the workplace; you can start by turning off your email and avoid bringing computers and documents from the office. Additionally, free your mind and try to forget everything that happened in the office.


This is one of the best ways to unwind from work since there are many proven benefits of meditation. Work can be stressful, and it can be very risky if you take that stress with you to your home. Stress that is related to your work can show in your travel, personal relationship, and even when you sleep. Just a few moments of tranquility will help ease the tension and improve your transition from work to home. Meditation helps relieve stress, decreases anxiety, and the feeling of depression. Try mediation as soon as you get home. Find a quiet place and try a short meditation. There is no need to bring your stress home, especially when you have kids. You need to be calm the moment you enter the door. To achieve calmness and relieve stress, try a brief meditation in your car just outside your home.

Get out of the house

Most people spend their workdays in the office under the bright lights and in front of computers and then go home and plop on the sofa just to relax in the radiance of the TV screens. This is not right. It is recommended that you get outdoors too. Walking outside is very easy; don’t be deterred by the bad weather or your strict schedule. Walk out and breathe in the fresh air, feel the warmness of the sun on your skin. All these will significantly help in reducing stress. Just some minutes on your balcony or walkway is enough to relieve stress.

Drink plenty of water and eat healthily

We spend most of our lives at work, and when it comes to our health, we don’t usually prioritize it. We typically sit in front of our computers, moving from one meeting to the other and adhering to the busy work schedule. It is a no-brainer that you should drink plenty of water and eat healthily, but due to the busy days, many people skip meals. Hunger and dehydration can aggravate hostility and worsen feelings of nervousness and stress. It would be best if you ate a healthy meal before going to work and have a light snack before going to bed. Never skip lunch for any reason and drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

Take a nap

There is no other way to restore your energy than by sleeping. While you sleep, your brain processes all the emotions and occurrences of the day. You might find it difficult to sleep, but if you want to sleep a good night’s sleep, start with the preparations. Having difficulty sleeping doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a problem; your bedroom might be the problem. Make sure that your bedroom is a place where you will fall asleep instantly. Remove all the distractions that might prevent you from sleeping.

Final Thoughts

All the above relaxation methods need to be learned. The time it takes to master some of them vary from one individual to the other. Additionally, you don’t need to go to a gym or the park to relax your mind, consider adding some few extras to your home to make it complete. Yoga rooms and gym rooms are just some of the bonuses that you can have in your home to make it a perfect relaxation haven.

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