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Four Causes of Musty Odor

There are very few things that are harder to sleep through than musty odors. We don’t like the thought of sleeping somewhere that’s unclean, and it can be incredibly difficult to feel anything resembling comfort in such circumstances. What is the smell is a musty, damp one? Here are some of the issues that might be at the root of it and what to do about it.

Check the carpets first

Fabrics trap a lot of moisture and, over time, they will give off a rather strong musty scent because of it. If it has been a while since you changed any fabrics like the bedsheets or there are dirty clothes in the room, get them out and get them washed, first. Otherwise, look to the carpet, rugs, and curtains for any signs of mold. If there are any, then it’s very difficult to get rid of it. You’re best off replacing it with a lower maintenance type of flooring instead.

Look out for leaks

At least twice a year, as part of the winter and summer home maintenance checklist, you should make it a priority to look for leaks. Whether they come from air leaks in the windows, roof, or walls, or internal leaks due to pipe malfunctions, they will lead to the spread of mold which can cause that musty smell in your bedroom. Keep an eye out for the signs of leaks, which might look like mold, but might also look like parts of the wall or roof are sweating with condensation, or the surface is warping compared to its surroundings.

Beware of bed bugs

Mustiness doesn’t always mean moisture. In fact, there are some bugs that give off a scent that is very similar to the smell of damp, with bed bugs being chief amongst them. If there are no moisture problems in the bedroom, strip down the bed and check all the live crevices for signs of bed bugs. This includes small rust-colored spots and dark tiny oval shapes, which is blood they have digested and shed skins, respectively. If you catch these signs, get in touch with a bed bug exterminator. Getting rid of adult bed bugs is relatively easy, but it’s best to rely on a professional to tackle the much trickier young and eggs.

Keep the air clear

If the problem isn’t caused by leaks, mold, or pests in the home, then do what you can to improve the ventilation in the room and see if that works. An air purifier with a HEPA-type filter can do wonders at trapping odors and be sure to keep the window open for at least thirty minutes to an hour each day. If you want to improve the scent in the bedroom, there are plenty of helpful tools like reed diffusers and potpourri that can help, too.
Smells can be pretty tricky to find the source of, given how they tend to spread freely through the air in a particular space. However, hopefully, the tips above have given you some tips on where to start looking and what to start doing to deal with that smell effectively.

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  1. I never would've guessed that bedbugs can cause a musty odor! Thanks for the info (:


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