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How To Clean and Stay Organized In a Tiny Space

When it comes to cleaning tiny homes, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that less space means fewer surfaces to clean, so you’ll cut down on overall cleaning time compared to a larger space. The bad news is that tiny homes tend to get cluttered. First, we’ll look at some ways of saving space in your tiny home. Then, we’ll look at some handy cleaning tips.

Saving Space

You have to get creative with storage in small spaces. Walls are highly underused in most spaces, as are window sills - improvise, adapt, and overcome!
The Command™ line of products from 3M are excellent for organizing tiny homes. You can use their hooks as a way to hang kitchen utensils from your walls, and they even have caddies you can hang from the wall to create storage space. They also have specialized hooks made specifically for cable management, for those of you who are particularly wired in.  3M made these products specifically to leave no residue behind.

You’ll want to think vertically instead of horizontally, too. Think about getting some floating shelves from Ikea to create storage space where before, there was only a wall. You might also consider getting a bar cart. They can be used to store much more than just alcohol, and their portability means you can easily move them around when it comes time to clean.

Tension rods are another handy tool in the storage playbook - you can use them horizontally or vertically in order to create space for hanging things or as cool dividers.

You might benefit from these handy damage-free decorating tips for your apartment. When your decor isn’t taking up much space, you have more room to store essentials. What’s more, good decor can make your space seem more roomy - area rugs are a must!

Decluttering is absolutely necessary. Whether you use the Marie Kondo method or something else entirely, get rid of the things you don’t want or need. Clutter makes spaces look smaller, it makes things harder to find, and everything becomes more difficult to clean.

Cleaning Your Space

When cleaning a small space, you’ll benefit enormously from using a clean-as-you-go technique. Never leave dishes in the sink, wipe down counters as soon as you’re done with them, pick up messes as soon as you’ve created them. This is a good rule for cleaning any space, but messes can become overwhelming particularly quickly in small spaces.

Having a cleaning schedule is essential. You’ll have tasks that you’ll want to do once a week (vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, etc.), and tasks you’ll want to do monthly (cleaning the walls, scrubbing tiles, etc.). Cleaning five minutes every day can help, too - the more you do small cleans during the week, the less burdensome the big cleaning days will be.

Dancing while cleaning helps your mental health!

Take steps to make your cleaning experience more pleasant. Buy high-quality cleaning products with scents that you like. Magic erasers can be a valuable asset in your fight against messes. Consider playing some upbeat music at a reasonable volume to lift your spirits.

Clean environments can help your mental health, and good mental health can motivate you to clean - it’s a positive feedback loop. Creating new habits can always be a bit difficult at the onset, but you’ll reap a lot of rewards when you get your cleaning schedule going.

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