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Positivity in the Face of Adversity

There are times in life when you are having the best time, content, happy, all of that good stuff. Then there are times when life pulls the rug from under you. During those times, you are forced to reevaluate life. Relationships, friendships, lifestyle choices. Everything comes rushing to the front.

It can be hard to get yourself into a positive mindset when things happen that feel so outside of your control. When something impacts you and your family so profoundly, many people turn to habits that do more harm than good. A little too much wine, not enough food or too much, trying to push people away.

But there are some things, small and straightforward, that you can do to try and keep yourself in a more positive mindset - even when it feels like too much.
Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash


One of the first things you will likely need to do is to take action. This might be looking into funeral options, this might be preparing to have some difficult conversations, or perhaps it is contacting deadly accident attorneys. If there is an action that you can take to help you and your family deal with a situation, let yourself fall into that activity. A sense of purpose is essential.


Many people find writing and sharing cathartic, others find friends and support in sharing their work. Writing has been used for years as a way to release thoughts and feelings in a healthy way. Any negative emotions that you are feeling can be released on paper (or online, if that is what makes you feel good). Letting out the negative emotions can help the positive ones have more ‘space’.


The sense of calm and relaxation when you have finished cleaning can be something quite lovely. It is reported that focusing on simple tasks, that require little thought, can help us switch our brains off for a little while and just get on with the task at hand. And the big positive is that when you are finished, you can sit down and have a warm coffee in your sparkly clean home. The great thing here is that there is almost always something that needs to be cleaned.


As mentioned before a sense of purpose is something that can keep us going even in the hardest of times. Small, or large, projects can be a lot of fun. It might be a bedroom makeover, or it could be overhauling the garden. Taking on projects of any size is a great way to encourage yourself to plan, learn a new skill, and in some cases, take classes. Having something to look forward to can often get us through the pain.

Doing what makes you feel good, planning projects, and trying new things can give you a rejuvenated sense of life. There is a wide range of healthy coping mechanisms that can help you find some peace when life gets complicated. Find your passion, or create something new - get your family involved and see how far that positivity can go.

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