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Back Yard Bliss

Having a garden is a luxury that not everyone enjoys, so it’s important to make the most of it. It’s a space to enjoy the lovely weather outdoors, to relax and if you have a family, your children to play. 

Gardening is a treasured hobby and pastime for millions of people, who like nothing more than to create their own little piece of paradise and watch their hard work blossom. 

Some people design their gardens for relaxation, others for attracting birds and other wildlife. There are so many ways to add touches of luxury to your outside space so you can truly enjoy some relaxation and pampering.


Install decking

Decking is so versatile, you can create a wrap-around style balcony around your property or a smaller, more secluded area in your garden. Long lasting decks can create a special area for entertaining or relaxing, you could even put a table and chair set out there to enjoy your meals al fresco.

If the rest of your garden has been given over to swings and playsets, a deck can be a great idea to have a little space of your own.

Add some loungers and a chiminea and you can enjoy your dream garden year-round.

Relax in a hot tub

Imagine the temperature has cooled a little bit, but you can go outside and enjoy the stars and fresh air from the comfort of your lovely, heated hot tub? It doesn’t get much more luxurious than that.

Once out of reach of most people. Hot tubs have become much more affordable now, they aren’t just for the rich. There are even inflatable models that you can empty and store away during the months that you are not using it.

Of course, when the weather heats up, you can drop the temperature in your hot tub and have somewhere to cool off too. Year-round luxury.

As if you needed any more excuses, having a regular dip in a hot tub has a host of health benefits including stress reduction, improved circulation, and reduced blood pressure.

Try and think of it as an investment in your health, like a gym membership, you’d be crazy not to get one.

Pizza oven

Sure, everyone’s got a barbeque, but how many people can say they have an outdoor pizza oven? A pizza oven can surely help you step your authentic cooking up a notch. The best thing is, there are lots of websites that can help you learn a  few outdoor pizza oven tips and tricks that can surely make everyone at the table go "wow"! One thing’s for sure, your next get together with friends is going to have a new talking point.

Of course, you don’t just have to cook pizzas in it, it’s extremely versatile. Here are some great, non-pizza recipes for you to sink your teeth into. Depending on your budget, space, and the look you’re going for, you can have a huge, stone-built oven, or a smaller, portable one that you can easily move if you want to change the layout of your garden.

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