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3 Romantic Dinner Experiences in Cabo San Lucas

My family and I have been traveling to Cabo now for five years and have had a lot of wonderful opportunities to try out the food scene here in Cabo San Lucas.  Here are some of our favorite destinations and why.  

El Farrallon

El Farrallon is located in the Waldorf Astoria on the Pacific side of Cabo San Lucas.  We've had dinner here twice:  once with dear friends and once to celebrate my 60th birthday. Sometimes we stop at DonManuel's on the main level for cocktails before heading on to the restaurant.   The restaurant sits carved in a hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  They have outstanding views of the sunset, my favorite time to have dinner anywhere in Cabo.  When you first walk in, you see the Champagne Terrace where you can indulge in a glass of the world's finest champagnes.  If you are lucky, you will get to see the sommelier open a bottle of champagne with a champagne saber.  That's an experience!  Once you finish your champagne, you will head toward your table, passing the fresh seafood offerings laid on the ice for you to see.  The fish is freshly caught right in the ocean near where you are sitting!  The restaurant is lit up by candlelight after the sun sets and creates an absolutely beautiful atmosphere. The place books quickly six months or more out, so plan accordingly.

Torro Latin Kitchen

Seated on Torro Latin Kitchen outdoor terrace is where I would recommend if you are wanting the full experience!  The restaurant features contemporary art in a gorgeous desert garden setting.  Walking up the stairs to the restaurant is a picture-worthy spot.  In fact, the photos from our evening here were our Christmas card photos that year.  You will walk in and see huge bins of the produce and grains they use in their cooking displayed.  Straight ahead is the bar seems to be the whole restaurant, but keep going, and you will find the terrace.  The tables on the terrace have beautiful but simple candles that set the mood. The food here has a Latin influence and the waitstaff is incredibly attentive.  You'll want to call a few months ahead for your reservation if you have a special reason to celebrate.

Manta Cabo

Manta Cabo is situated right on the Sea of Cortez, and you can hear the waves crashing as you dine. The view of the city lights after sunset is absolutely stunning.  The breezes from the sea can be chilly, so the restaurant has beautiful "mantas" (shawls) there for you to wear if you get chilled.  Walking up to the restaurant you will see a gorgeous handwoven whale made from driftwood.  Next is a gorgeous garden with a beautiful view of Cabo. You will walk through a small lobby area before getting to the actual restaurant.  Once there, you will be greeted and taken to your table by elegantly styled staff.  The tables are simply dressed:  a candle, napkins that house fork, knife and chopsticks, a hand-crafted pottery plate, and a beautiful chopsticks holder.  The food is a Japanese/Mexican fusion. There is a chef's tasting menu as well, featuring locally sourced seafood and vegetables.  The food and waitstaff are outstanding and attentive.  Book a few months out if you have a particular night you wish to eat here.

Cabo has many other wonderful restaurants as well, check back to see what else we will feature in future posts. If you have a request, contact me at terri@terristeffes.com

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  1. How nice. I'd love to do this with my husband one day. Cabo looks incredible!

  2. I would love to visit Cabo, thanks for sharing these romantic dinner experiences.

  3. The food all looks so delicious. Cabo sounds like a beautiful place to visit too.

  4. I hope some day to visit this place. My mom has been there and said its just beautiful.

  5. Richelle Milar9:54 AM

    Wow! This is such perfect place to visit! All of these foods looks absolutely delicious and tasty!

  6. I really need to organize a romantic dinner right now. We need some romantic energy around us!

  7. I do love a good recommendation for a place to go get dinner. Even better if the ambiance is as good as the food.

  8. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Wow, these places look truly amazing! I would love to go on a date with my husband to any one of them when in Cabo 😍!

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