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Stacked Tortilla Breakfast #MoviesandMunchies

This month our movie group watched Off the Menu, a charming romantic comedy starring Dania Ramirez and Santino Fontana.  The movie was full of delicious food scenes that were so drool-worthy. Lots of inspiration in this film.

The story centers around an heir to a Mexican fast-food franchise that is looking to find its next bestseller.  He finds himself in a small New Mexico town where people come from all over to eat the culinary adventures of an authentic local chef.  She happens to grow the best green chilies which are the secret ingredient to her dishes. This movie is a sweet movie about food, family, and true love.  I loved this movie and thought it made a perfect Movie and Munchies selection!  It was shot on location in New Mexico, and this is one state I haven't yet been to!  It makes me want to go so much more!

I learned that the food scenes were set up by director Jay Silverman's daughter, Chef Clara. Her food styling is gorgeous and the dishes look mouthwatering.  Makes me want to go to New Mexico and eat my way through the state!

I was inspired to make the delicious Tortilla Stack breakfast.  That egg looked so delicious, with the perfect yolk running down the stack.  We wanted more of a weekday breakfast, so we made scrambled eggs instead.  It was a delicious breakfast and one we will do again and again.

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the movie and your breakfast stack looks perfect.

  2. Sounds divine and I would have these for dinner, too. It was a cute movie. :) The NM setting had me from the beginning.


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