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Apartment Kitchen Gardening: A Guide to Growing Food Without a Garden of Your Own - Choose and grow culinary herbs, fruit and vegetables for every season ... make an indoor garden full of fresh produce

I love gardening and I want to help make anyone who wants to be a gardener into one!  So when I had this chance to review this book: Apartment Kitchen Gardening: A Guide to Growing Food Without a Garden of Your Own I snapped up the chance.  Read along to learn more about this charming book you can find on Amazon.  I was given a free copy to read in exchange for a review, however, all opinions are my very own!

From Amazon:

No garden? No problem. You can grow your own fresh, healthy fruit, vegetables and culinary herbs inside your apartment. Veteran gardener James Jacques explains everything you need to know, from choosing and sowing to growing and harvesting a wide range of edibles, from oregano to oranges to oyster mushrooms.

This easy-to-follow, practical guide outlines the basic equipment that will set you up to succeed, with an emphasis on low-budget options, including DIY and creative upcycling projects, before also introducing more advanced gear from lighting to hydroponic kits. After touring potential growing areas around your apartment, from windowsills and window boxes to balconies and hanging displays, James also explores possibilities for growing elsewhere, from rooftop gardening to community and allotment gardening schemes.

Whether you just fancy having a few herbs on a windowsill, or want to transform your home into an abundant oasis of produce, James will help you get the best out of your plants and inspire you to get growing.

My Take:

If you are interested in growing your own food but are limited on the ground space you have to grow, you must read this book!  As a gardener who has had acres to plant down to using only a hydroponic garden, this book is chock full of ways to grow food.  The investment of money isn't large, but the gains are huge. Knowing where your food comes from, what's in it, and how it is prepared gives you a feeling of ownership in your own health.  I love the illustrations and the wide variety of topics.  Are you in a shaded area?  There's a chapter for that.  How about limited space?  Yep, that's covered too.  Do you like to upcycle?  This book is full of ways to make things for your garden.  Even if you don't think you have a green thumb, this book will encourage you to give it a try.  I hope you do!   Disclaimer:  I was given a copy to review but all opinions are my very own!  Highly recommend!

The Author:

James Jacques is from the West Midlands of England. A former head gardener, he has many years of experience of growing plants, both indoors and outdoors. These days, he grows a wide range of food at home and at his beloved allotment. A self-confessed massive foodie, he has a passion for fresh, organic produce and for cutting waste through creative recycling and upcycling projects.

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