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Easy Springtime Fudge

It's (almost) springtime and that means that it is time to make your candies for your Easter baskets, brunches, and dinners.  Making your own candies means you know exactly what goes into your homemade Easter candies.  This Springtime Fudge is so easy and uses ingredients that are easy to find, too!

I have made other flavors of this easy fudge.   Peanut Butter Fudge, Cherry Chocolate Fudge, and Simple Fudge (where you will find a chart of other combinations using just two ingredients!)  All of these can be made in the standard fudge form but try using candy molds like this adorable Easter Bunny, for some different shapes.

A couple of tricks for this fudge:  1.  melt the chocolate first and stir the frosting into the chips.  This keeps the funfetti chips from melting and 2. line the pan by cutting two 8-inch wide pieces of parchment paper that extend over the edges of the pan. Fit the pieces one over each other in the pan. This way you can lift the fudge from the pan before cutting it.

Oh, and don't skip the step of stirring in the flavoring into the frosting BEFORE adding to the melted chocolate. If you forget, skip the step. Do not add it to the white chocolate or it will seize and your fudge will be ruined.

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  1. I love the look of this fudge. I am a huge fan or white chocolate. I bet the lemon flavoring really adds a great touch.

  2. So fun that the base of these is frosting!

  3. These are so cheery and pretty! Perfect for spring!

  4. These are the best! Fun and delicious!


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