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5 Great Reasons to Visit South Texas: Culture, Events, Food, Attractions, and More


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South Texas is one of the most popular holiday destinations for tourists. Travelers visiting South Texas may take advantage of the area's year-round mild weather to enjoy various outdoor activities, making it a great winter getaway.

If you have visited places like Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen, or the beaches of South Padre Island in the past, you already know that South Texas isn't all about warm weather. It has a rich musical and gastronomic history, making it a must-visit destination for every tourist.

Here are several reasons why you should visit South Texas.

1.     Awesome Beaches

The beach isn't the first thing that comes to mind when people think about South Texas. But South Padre Island in South Texas has more than 34 beaches, making it an excellent destination for family gateways, winter vacations, or gateway with friends.

The island also offers fun beach activities like parasailing, kayaking, wind-boarding, deep seas fishing, and surfing.

The best thing about South Texas' beaches is that they are manned by a lifeguard 24/7, are groomed and cleaned daily, include playgrounds, and have plenty of food vendors on site.

If you are unsure what place to visit, this resource can help you find cities in South Texas with beaches that offer endless activities to entertain you, no matter the season.

2.     Appetizing Food

When it’s time for food, everything is bigger and more flavorful in South Texas. The distinctive flavors of South Texas cuisine, which incorporate influences from Native American, Mexican, and American cultures, are enhanced by the abundance of meat and barbecue.

South Texas has the most authentic Tex-Mex food. Frito pies, breakfast tacos, pecan pralines, Blue Bell ice cream, baked kolaches, Taco Cabana, Topo Chicos, and so much more are all part of the Tex-Mex experience in South Texas.

Sampling their delicious cuisines is a great way to immerse yourself in the South Texan way of life.

3.     Culture

It's no secret that South Texas is home to a thriving arts scene, including an international museum of Arts and Science in McAllen, which holds the most incredible collection of Mexican Arts in the United States.

The annual McAllen Mexican Artisan Expo has more than 80 craftsmen selling their colorful ceramics, paintings, textiles, trinkets, chocolates, hats, salsas, candles, toys, among other items, that visitors can buy. Also, visitors can enjoy a lot of music performances in South Texas.

4.     Activities

The mild weather in south Texas makes it a popular year-round vacation spot for those who like being outside in the fresh air.

One of the top bass lakes in the nation, Falcon Lake, is an excellent place for anglers to go out and throw their lines. From catfish to famous largemouth bass, Falcon Lake is seldom empty.

South Texas being home to some of the country's most unique avian species, birding is another popular pastime activity that visitors love.

With nine sites of the World Birding Center in South Texas, birders may love the challenge and excitement of finding more than 500 bird species while participating in float excursions, wilderness walks, and educational displays that use hands-on techniques to educate visitors.

5.     Events

The winter tourists of South Texas are a big hit. Harlingen, Texas, hosts an annual Winter Texan Appreciation Fiesta that honors long-term winter tourists and gives them the honorary title "Winter Texans" for their contributions to the local economy.

The fiesta is a one-of-a-kind celebration of the local culture. Live music, salsa dance classes, artisan crafts, mariachi performances, and a vintage vehicle exhibition are just some of the activities included in the festival.

Winter Texans may take advantage of a wide range of events and activities around the area during the colder months, such as golfing on some of the region's more than 15 attractive courses, including two on the Rio Grande's banks. 

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  1. I had never associated Texas with beaches before, but I just did some googling for images of Texas beaches, and they are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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