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Lucky Charms Parfaits #TasteCreations

Taste Creation Bloggers are making treats for you using cereal as part of the ingredient list.  I made a parfait using my favorite cereal: Lucky Charms!  If a parfait isn't your style, check out my Lucky Charms Smoothie, instead!

This dessert/snack is so easy to make and you most likely have everything you need right in your cupboard and refrigerator.  You can use any cereal and it is the perfect way to use up the cereal that is leftover, but not enough to make a whole bowlful for breakfast.

Lucky Charms was created in 1964 by the General Mills company.  They wanted a new cereal using the products they already had, Cheerios or Wheaties.  John Holahan came up with the idea of an oat cereal using bits of circus peanuts (marshmallow.)  An advertising exec came up with the idea of charms like in the charm bracelet, and the cereal was born.  Lucky Charms was the first cereal to use marshmallows as part of the ingredients.  In fact, the marshmallow bits, or "marbits" are copyrighted due to the way they are made for the cereal.  The first boxes had pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars and green clovers.  Other shapes have come and gone.  

According to Wikipedia:

The marshmallows are meant to represent Lucky's magical charms, each with their own special meaning or "power". As of April 2021, the following are explanations of the permanent marshmallows:

  • Heart Charm – Gives life to objects
  • Star Charm – Power of flight
  • Horseshoe Charm – Power of speed
  • Clover Charm – Power of luck
  • Blue Moon Charm – Power of invisibility
  • Rainbow Charm – Power to teleport
  • Red Balloon Charm – Power to float
  • Unicorn Charm – Brings color to the world

Back to the parfaits.  These are layers of vanilla wafers, cereal, pudding, and whipped topping.  You can make a variety of flavors by changing up the cookies, cereal, and pudding.  The ideas are limitless!

Here's what the Taste Creation bloggers made for us:

Nikki from Tikkido made Cookies and Cream Cereal Treats

Lauren and Rosemary are on a short break this month!  Looking forward to seeing you in April!

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  1. Joline12:32 PM

    Love this easy dessert! It looks like something I'd have fun making with the kids.

  2. I just love Lucky Charms. I am so excited to try these parfaits out!

  3. Finding such a delicious recipe for my favorite cereal is just my lucky day. I really love making parfaits but I've never even considered making one like this. I can't wait to try this.

  4. This is so cute! Love how easy this is to make. My kids would have fun putting this together as a treat.

  5. I can make this dessert easily. Everything I need is in the cupboard. Thank you

  6. Richelle Milar8:15 AM

    Wow! These treats looks really delicious! I would love to try this with my kids!

  7. Rose Ann Sales8:16 AM

    That looks absolutely perfect and tasty! My kids would surely gonna love this!

  8. Your lucky charms parfaits look yummy. (or magically delicious lol). I like that you can use any cereal and pudding to change things up. Such a quick and easy dessert for the grandkids or kids/adults.

  9. I've never tried lucky charms before. The desert sounds interesting.

  10. I would love to try these special treats! This parfait is so unique and the Cookies and Cream Cereal Treats as well.

  11. What a pretty parfait! Love all the colors. Just so pretty! I bet it's delish, too! -LYNNDEE


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