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The Dos and Don'ts of Curb Appeal

Here Are The Do's And Don'ts Of Curb Appeal

Your home's exterior is the first thing people see before going in. Moreover, homeowners are aware of the essence of an impressive curb appeal, especially the significant role in enhancing property value. According to data, properties with great curb appeal sell 7% more than those that failed to add detail. So, if you just moved into a new house, here are some dos and don'ts to consider. 


  1. Clear the curb clutter

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Your home's frontage creates the first impression people will have of your property. If you have ever glanced through magazines featuring beautiful homes, you may have noticed something similar. All pictures of the home's frontage are devoid of clutter, and everything appears arranged. The perfect presentation of the front exterior gives more meaning to the expression, 'straight out of a magazine.' This is what you should be aiming for with regard to your property.

The water hose, kids' tricycles, trash cans, etc., can all be repositioned away from the house's frontage. The garage may be perfect for hiding these things until you need to use them. Consider taking out your trash cans only when the waste management truck comes over. Anything that fails to add value to your home's curb appeal should not be out on the frontage.

  1. Clean your house siding

Siding your property can instantly transform the appearance of the home. On the other hand, when they get dirty, it's easily noticeable. This is particularly disturbing when the siding is white or a lighter color. Obviously, this takes away from the overall appearance of your home's exterior. Siding accumulates grime over time and can form a layer of dirt quickly.

Additionally, siding materials can develop mold and mildew due to moisture exposure. When you hire residential siding contractors to clad your home's exterior, they provide essential maintenance tips and advice. This helps you know what to expect with your home’s siding. Keeping them clean goes beyond improving your curb appeal. It also strengthens the structure of the building. 


  1. Leaving dead plants and flowers 

Dead leaves and plants can make your landscape look dull, unkempt, and unappealing. They can hinder the healthy growth of thriving plants. This occurs because dead vegetation can attract pests to your yard. Additionally, if dead leaves were infected with downy mildew, leaving them on your lawn can spread the infection. Ultimately, all these can affect the appearance of your curb appeal.

  1. A high-maintenance front yard you cannot care for

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If you have the resources for a high-maintenance front yard, you can go all out for it. However, keeping a high-maintenance front yard and not having the time to take care of it may be futile. The problem here is not your ability to afford a high-end front yard. The issue is the lack of attention that such curbs require. For example, while exotic plants easily transform your frontage, they are high-maintenance. A few examples are the Boston Fern, Calathea, Zebra Plant, and the Wandering Jew.

Your curb appeal is a combination of neatness, organization, and appeal. Hopefully, these tips help you to improve yours.

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